Meet Federico

I am Federico Cabrera, 28 years old photographer/designer born in Argentina, now living in Finland.


Jasmin Mishima and Federico Cabrera


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1. What is your best moment of the day? What do you do for relaxation?

In the night time around 11 when I get to watch some movies.

gilles et dada012. Describe your current surrounding.

We are at our store/studio where we spend most of the day breaking and making. Next to me is Jasmin Mishima, my partner, working on our line of hand made accessories. Our studio is located in Helsinki, Finland, where the winter has just arrived brrr:§

gilles et dada023. Do you like reading books, magazines, etc.?

Yeah definitely, I love magazines such as DIGITAL TEMPLE, ID, Another magazine and a few more, I used to buy a lot of magazines but I don’t have much space anymore so I had to stop, for now 🙂

4. When you were child, did you want to become artist or you wanted something else?

I think that I just wanted to be good at something. I didn’t have very clear what.

gilles et dada035. Why are you an artist, and when did you first become one?

I think that everyone has the capacity to be an artist and becoming is actually realizing and clearing your mind of the useless stuff such as status, money, envy, self-awareness etc.

gilles et dada046. Could you tell us something more about your work?

I do everything I have the time to do, today I am a fashion designer for GILLES ET DADA, a photographer, a graphic designer and a web designer.

gilles et dada057. Describe your style and how it would someone else describe it, your best friend for instance?

I would prefer to let the work speak for itself. What I can say though is that i base my work on simple techniques and impulse, I don’t think too much about what I do I just do it.

gilles et dada068. Please describe an evolution of your work from your first projects to today.

I think that when I started I would feel content when the work would please my eye, but I didn’t reflect much on why and how I got there. Now with more experience and some sort of base as an artist I can understand myself better.

gilles et dada079. What was your first project that has given you the most satisfaction?

I don’t think that any other project has been as satisfying as running GILLES ET DADA, and we just started, the freedom that we enjoy and the positive and fast reaction of the people makes it a very important and special project for us.

gilles et dada0810. Do you have any future ideas or projects waiting for you?

These days my head is in GILLES ET DADA, I am very happy here with what I am doing and I want to take it as far as it can go, it feels to me that we might be able to come in fuck it up a bit and get away with it.

gilles et dada0911. Who would you like to take photo of?

Last night I saw a video of her and it came to me that I would like to photograph Grace Jones.

gilles et dada1012. Is there anyone who has influence at your work?

Yes, my partner Jasmin Mishima, she has helped me a lot to embrace my creativity, and also she is the stylist in every GILLES ET DADA photoshoots as well as been the other designer of the brand.

gilles et dada1113. What other interests do you have outside of creating art?

Soccer, family, politics is my version of a soap opera, food and music.

gilles et dada1214. How have you handled the business side of being an artist?

I must say that I struggled at the beginning but little by little we are getting the hand of it. I think everything changed when we took our creativity to the numbers and we thought of it as one more platform to be creative, instead of a painful duty.

gilles et dada1315. What are the best and worst parts of being artist?

The best part is the freedom and worst is how incompatible that freedom is with modern society.

gilles et dada1416. What advice would you give to the young artists?

Be honest, be humble, be generous.

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