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Web development is a very popular profession these days since most of the companies and small businesses have connected to online services, and online shopping is slowly becoming the main choice of buyers across the world.

However, since there are so many developers available on the market today, it is not easy to decide on which one should you contact for a specific assignment. Also, that decision depends on the complexity of the job that you need to be done. If you have some bigger project, we are not sure how smart it would be to hire some developers with less experience just because they are cheaper.

Also, if you have some experience in web design, many platforms could help you to create your website or online store. You should check, and see what is the best web building software in 2024.

On the other side, you won`t need some big developing company for some much simpler task, like setting up a web page, or online store, since you could get this done from less experienced developers, and for a much reasonable price.

1. Does He Work in Office or as a Remote Web Designer?

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This question is very important because there are many companies that introduce themselves as web designers. But all they actually do is interfering between you and the designer for some percentage. While this is a common practice today, you should check the review of that agency that connects people with developers. A great solution for you might be to visit some online platforms like Up Work, Freelancer, or some similar website that connects people with remote workers from all around the world.

There are some possible issues that could occur if the agency that hires designers is not so experienced. The main problem could be in communication and possible delays. Also, if you hire a designer directly, and skip some agency, you will get a much more reasonable price for your task.

2. What Information About Your Company Will He Need?

Your website needs a lot of info about what you do, and it is important that the web designer will know how to implement all the keywords and make your site visible in search engines. Also, he must know what are the goals of your company and to successfully present that to every visitor of your website.

Furthermore, if you already have a website or an online store, but you are not satisfied with the outreach and number of visitors, you can hire a web designer to recreate your website, and make it look more visible in search engines.

3. What Processes Will He Use?

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There are six main processes that every decent website must come through. Those processes are strategy, design, research, development, launch, and review. Every experienced web designer must be familiar with these terms because they are all essential for design and the outreach of any website.

Furthermore, a good web designer will know that it is also important to lead you through each of these processes and send you daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

4. What are the Necessary Resources?

Before a developer even starts to create your website, you will need to provide him with some important assets of your company, such as branding guides, fonts, colors, the logo of the company. Furthermore, you will need to collect pictures and to create content for your website.

Also, providing the web designer with the right content on time is very important, because you will need much more time for creating content than he will need for the development of your website. You should prepare in advance what you want to be shown on your web pages.

5. Is He Creating a Custom or a Template Website?

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There are two main ways of creating a website. Through already existing templates and plugins, and as a custom website. Choosing a template-based website is a much simpler and faster solution since there are many existing plugins and templates that would help the web designer to create your website in a much more reasonable time, and for a lesser price, then if you choose a custom one.

However, the template-based website is depending on various sources and plugins, and with possible problems with plugins, or servers of web-making platforms, your website won`t work too. On the other side, if you need a website with a strong back-end code and unique design, you should pay a little more and hire a professional who will create a website for your taste and requirements.

6. Will He Optimize the Website?

Today, most of the people are using their smartphones for searching the web, online shopping, mails, and many more. Every website must be mobile-friendly, which means that it can adapt to both desktop and smartphone browsers for better transparency.
The most important thing about the design and content on your website is a selection of keywords. If a web developer provides your site with the right keywords, there is a much bigger chance that your website will be seen in online searches. For example, most people don`t even go on page 2 of some browser searches, and with good positioning and keywords, your website will come up in a few of the first results.

7. Is He Offering Other Services?

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There are a lot of web designers who are also experts in other parts of this industry, such as hosting, testing, and online stores. When it comes to hosting, many of web developing companies are offering cheap solutions and unique IP addresses, along with various support from their employees. However, you will have to determine how much resources your website needs since servers are usually splitting their resources across many sites they are hosting at the same time.

Furthermore, many web designers can improve your online store with a better-looking shopping cart, transparency, more payment methods, better-looking inventory. Also, they could test your website for performances and find a way to improve its clearness and time of loading.