The public’s attitude to video games and computer entertainment today is not straightforward. On the one hand, these new developments in the world of gambling are considered a good way to spend your free time.

And on the other hand, many researchers argue that they can develop human mental abilities, quick reactions, and thinking.

Recently, there has been a growing demand for online casino games that are considered to be a good emotional release. This conclusion can be found according to

But players should keep in mind that too much passion for virtual slots and computer games can lead to problems with vision, heart, and spine.

The Benefits of Video Games


Video games are considered an alternative source of stress relief because they have several key benefits that really help reduce stress:

  1. no restrictions – to start the game it is sufficient to have a computer (tablet, smartphone) and access to the Internet (when choosing entertainment in online mode);
  2. a large selection of game software, which differs in technical parameters, graphics, functionality, and genre;
  3. the convenience of the game – to run the selected product is not necessary to leave your home, just settle back in a chair and run the game;
  4. Modern multi-functional developments from the best providers of entertainment content satisfy even the most demanding players.

Also, video games can be chosen by age restrictions to minimize the risks of their negative impact on the psyche.

Scientific Research


Since there are many questions around this problem, in order to find answers, scientists from London College decided to conduct the research. After which they came to the verdict that spending time in such games is really beneficial. They are 100% sure that playing slots or video games can easily replace team sports or regular physical activities. They also help players find a common language with their peers and like-minded people because for some people finding new acquaintances and communicating with them is stressful.

Modern human beings are constantly in stressful situations that are caused by the emergence of various technologies. These innovations occupy a large part of his life, simplifying it. Many members of the public are permanently on Skype or communicate via email or messengers. It is video games that help to relieve this pressure.

After research, the scientists found out that different genres of gaming software can have completely opposite effects on people. The best way to cope with the problem of stress is to play shooters. These games are where the gamer plays from the first person. At first, it may seem really strange. But it turned out that the more people spent time playing, the better they felt.

Action entertainment helps to relax, and browser games for a large number of users give players confidence in their importance. It has also been noticed that it is communication with each other that has a positive effect on all the participants in the research. Thus, in the course of the game, they can speak out about the accumulated problems, thereby relieving stress.

Online casino games have become a particularly important source of relieving stress. They are popular with gamblers, who can place bets with real money while staying at home and be rewarded for it. After transferring a sum of money to your account, signs of stress disappear in an instant. But you have to be careful with these virtual games, because a gambler who cannot stop in time, can lose all his capital, which will lead to new stress.

Why We Need Games


The positive influence of the game process on human adaptation to the surrounding world has been noticed in the last century. A person enters unfamiliar places and situations during play activities. Therefore, he subconsciously adapts to them and solves related problems that may arise. Also in the context of play a person can enjoy his achievements, and encounter new positive emotions.

According to common theory, people choose video games in order to learn to control themselves and their emotions, to feel less anxious and nervous. That is why this type of entertainment is considered one of the most affordable and good options for spending your leisure time at home.

Proof of this can be found in playing common puzzle games such as Angry Birds or Bejeweled II. These games have a simple and concise interface, accessibility, and short game sessions. For these reasons, they help relieve stress and completely relax. Some players set a goal to achieve a certain result so they can be proud of themselves at the end of the game. This is exactly the feeling of accomplishment that gives gamers positive emotions.

Another positive mental state of a person is regarded as a flow. Its main feature is 100% concentration on the goal set. A person fully owns the situation and controls it, becoming less shy. For this reason, video games are often recommended to adolescents, who after their passage are more responsible for their duties, doing homework, as well as improving their self-esteem. This complete concentration on the process of the game can have a positive effect on events in real life. But this fact is considered only a guess.


Positive emotions can be a source of inspiration and well-being. They also help to establish contact with people. Being in a virtual world makes a person more confident, lifts his mood, and helps to relieve stress. But passing the levels in a particular video game gives only a short-term feeling of satisfaction. Thus, it is unclear how much time is spent on the computer game, in order to cope with the accumulated stress.

Given all the positive aspects of video games, we should not forget that the departure from real life for a while does not lead to anything good. So this entertainment should not occupy a lot of time to avoid replacing real life.