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Where once people used printed maps to get from one place to another, technology today offers us a lot to make our daily lives easier. Let’s remember when the navigation devices came out. No person was not thrilled with this discovery, although at first, only the wealthier could afford it. A few years later, everyone has the opportunity to use GPS location-sharing and navigation via their smartphones.

You can even use some for free, depending on the personal needs of the user. Every person in the world today uses a smartphone, and therefore a GPS. Experts in this field say that it is impossible to stop location tracking. This option is offered to us by Google, but also by many social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, and many others.

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Location sharing can be helpful. Imagine getting lost in an unknown, dark place, or having an accident and not being able to tell the exact location. This app will surely help you with that, and you will get help very quickly. With we are sure you will not make a mistake.

However, the other, negative side of sharing a location is that people you don’t want to know where you are can locate you very easily. This benefits thieves a lot, because they are sure that you are not at home, or people who want to hurt you know exactly where are you at the moment. That is why it is very important to use GPS safely and wisely.

Here are some tips to make your choice easier.

  1. First of all, pay attention to the principle on which certain location-sharing products work. Most apps offer you the ability to share your current location, but it also tracks your movements in real-time. Choose what is best for you. While some location-sharing services act like games and shout-out when you reach your final destination, others can show where were you all the time or the period you set. Still, others will continue to share your location until you change the settings. Learn all about the working principle of your application so that surprises do not come.
  2. Check your location sharing settings. We believe that the smartest and safest way is to set it up so that not everyone can see your exact location, but to send a location link to the person you want, if necessary. This will save you from unpleasant situations because you never know who is following you. Secure applications are easy to google if you type the word security next. Read the reviews if there are any because any information will come in handy to make the right decision.

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  3. To limit the location sharing period is also possible. This will save your battery, but also will protect you from potential danger. If you already know the way you are going, it is better to save the battery for when you need it, otherwise, you will be unpleasantly surprised. Sharing the location into multiple applications at the same time is extremely unnecessary and pointless, and at the same time, your phone will empty very quickly. Also, location sharing does not work indoors, but will drain your battery. So, if you are in a skyscraper, know that it is impossible to determine the exact location. The reason for this is GPS requests open sky.
  4. When choosing it is also important to pay attention to the appearance of the interface to easily use the application. Also, 24/7 support is something nice to know exists, even if you don’t need it. What is good about such applications is that you can also share the wrong location, by putting in the wanted place name, or coordinates.

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  5. It is very useful to share the location if, for example, you go on a blind date. Every person approaches the first meeting with a dose of doubt because you never know who the person who will appear is. To spare yourself embarrassing situations, it is useful to share the location with a friend. From time to time check the list of persons allowed to see your location. Delete every contact you do not feel comfortable to share with anymore.
  6. What you should never do is install location sharing at random. Many of these applications do not keep user data safe, and even share data with a third party. We don’t have to be experts to see this is irresponsible, unprofessional, and dangerous as well. In this case, your data may be misused for better ad serving.

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  7. Also, you should never leave the settings to the default, but adjust it to yourself and your needs. Be sure to turn off all constant location sharing options in your settings, but limit it to just a few minutes. Sync settings with other apps as well. It won’t cost you anything if you forgot to set the security settings on an application that has a location sharing option, and you’re using it. This will compromise your privacy by contributing to sharing the location with people you don’t want, and don’t even know.
  8. When you have children, you want to know at all times if they are going well. That is why many parents decide to buy a phone for their loved ones. But it is very important to explain to children which applications they are allowed to use, which they are not, and that they are not allowed to set anything without your permission.

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  9. When choosing the right location sharing app, read in detail where all the location information ends up. Many companies and applications offer notifications as to whether and how they use your sites. Be careful with those companies and applications that do not want to specify exactly for what purposes they use location sharing.

We believe that, when choosing an application, you will now think about these things as well, all to protect yourself and get the best service.