Greetings Tenno! You’ve probably come to seek some advice to become an unstoppable killing machine in the game. Getting stronger in Warframe requires hard work, dedication, a calm mind, and a passion for the game. You don’t necessarily have to have the strongest Warframe or weapon to become a force to be reckoned with.

First of all, let’s start with the basic ways of getting stronger in the game, and we’ll explain it all in detail later. So the most basic form of getting stronger is leveling up your current Warframe. This is because all of the base stats that your frame has will increase.

Another way of getting stronger is to equip your frame with mods. Modifications can increase the stats of your frame, prolong the skill duration, and can amplify the ability output. However, these mods aren’t strictly limited to your Warframe only. You can apply them to your weapons and companions. Now, let’s get down to details on how to power up in Warframe.

5Level Up Your Warframe


As I previously mentioned, the easiest way to get stronger in Warframe is to level up the current frame that you’re using. The leveling up concept applies to every game, where your base stats increase the same time your level does. Leveling up in Warframe means you can gain access to your other abilities rather than playing the entire game with just your skill 1.

Leveling up increases the mod capacity at which your Warframe can hold. This capacity increases as well as you’re going along the game, increasing your level. A higher capacity means a stronger mod, which nicely brings us to our next tip to get stronger in Warframe,

4Equip Mods


Mods are a vital element in Warframe, as they are the main factor that increases your power and damage output. Mods can range from the efficiency of energy that your frame consumes, all the way to an increase of damage that your abilities and weapons can deal with. There’s a vast amount of mods that exist in the game. You have to mix and match the right ones.

You can also level up your mods, which essentially, is upgrading your upgrades. The whole process of leveling these mods up is delivered nicely at the start of the game. Though you consume resources to level them up, it’s worth the spending if you want to raise your output from 10% to 150%. Keep in mind that your mods can be applied to your weapons too.

3Find Your Weapon


Although Warframe seems like you’re ninjas in space, your weapons aren’t limited to the classic kunai, shuriken, and swords. There are also guns – split into sidearms, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and the silent bow. Melee weapons exist as well! Weapons such as axes, maces, whips, staffs, knuckles, scythes, and nunchucks – but there’s still more!

Each weapon deals with a different type of damage(impact, puncture, and slash), all having different effects on the enemies. According to this guide at these weapons can also deal elemental damage like poison, heat, electricity, and ice. You have to find your favorite combinations between your primary, secondary, and melee weapons.

2Raise Your Mastery Rank


Once you’ve got a feel for the game, you’re leveling up frames and weapons quickly, you’ve got a dog-like companion called a Kubrow and another drone-like companion called taxon, and you’ve already leveled those too. Doing this makes you earn mastery points, which contribute to you raising your Mastery Rank.

To raise your MR, you have to pass a test that progressively gets harder to suit that MR that you have. It’s important to always remember to raise your MR whenever you can, a higher MR means you have more access to the endless stronger weapons the game has to offer. More weapons mean more combos, more combos mean better and stronger gameplay.

1Go Prime


Do you think that you don’t have the best warframe? Your same old mods can’t make up for it? Do you want to keep playing your favorite frame without having to suffer as much of that drawback with the regular frame? Well, you should opt-out for the Primed versions of those Warframes and Mods. Primed items offer higher base stats and higher stats per level.

You might think that the Primed versions of the mods and Warframes are the same and barely offer a difference in your gameplay – well, let me tell you, you’re wrong. The Primed versions of mods mean a stronger output of damage, a higher efficiency, longer skill durations, all for the same costs that your previous mods had. Plus, the Primed frames look cool.


Though these tips can help you achieve that goal of becoming a force to be reckoned in the game, it’s always important to remember the basics. Good maneuvering, well-timed skills, and a good game sense are what would make you stand out as a great player among all the other Tenno that play Warframe.