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Very often, the end of family life is associated with the end of life as such, and we will tell you honestly – this is almost the worst that can happen. Too many divorced people give up the best opportunities in this world and choose to live in their shells until the very end.

Of course, you also have the right to choose but believe it, this is not the best choice you can make. In this article, we understand how to get rid of the shackles of the limiting beliefs in three simple steps and finally start living a full life, even despite a divorce.

Limited Belief System Examples

Here are two of the most striking examples of a limited worldview system after a divorce.

  • For women: “I will never marry again because no one will accept my children.”
  • For men: “I will never marry again because all women are mercantile.”

In fact, neither the first nor the second statement is true. When you think so, in the first place you make decisions for other people, and in the second you limit your possibilities with your own hands.

The Fine Line Between Limited Belief System and Recovery Time

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Of course, after you have gone through all the circles of hell, you certainly need to recover. Even if you got online divorce help and divorced easily with, your previous life still left a certain imprint on your opinion about yourself, men and the world.

In especially difficult cases, you will have to find yourself again, and only then start working on your worldview. And here it is necessary to feel this reasonable line between the period when you just need to restore your vitality in order to move on and the limitations of your beliefs.

When a marriage breaks up, it is natural to experience anger, sadness, guilt, regret, and even relief. Destructive thoughts can take over you because when you try to come to terms with changes in life, you become especially vulnerable. It is important to remember that all these feelings are normal.

Most people after divorce go through this period of reflection and experience. It is therapeutic and necessary for recovery. The problem is that such experiences can “drag on” us, last for a long time and eventually turn into a depressed state, making it impossible for us to move on.

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Divorce can be traumatic for both those who leave, and for the initiator of the gap. If the former experiences negative emotions due to rejection, the latter is guilty. They both must survive this stage, go through grief.

We will tell you even more – a limited worldview in the period of recovery after a divorce is normal. Until the wounds of your soul have healed, it’s normal to think that you will never start any relationship, so as not to fall into the trap again and face the need to get divorce papers.

But it is not normal to choose such a path as the only right one. Therefore, look deep into yourself and think at what stage you are now – do you just need time to assemble yourself from pieces or have you made a choice, guided by your beliefs, which may be far from the truth?

How to Change Limited Belief System to Unlimited

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Three simple steps separate you from getting rid of the limitations within you and the beginning of a full life consisting of joy, impressions, and love.

1Understand What You Want from Life

We offer you a simple exercise that personal growth trainers recommend performing in order to determine what you really want. Imagine that in fact there are no restrictions. Imagine that you have found a lamp of Aladdin and he can fulfill any of your wishes. What would you ask him to do for you?

Now imagine that this is all really possible. This is possible just because you really want it. This is already sufficient reason to get what you want. Now that you understand how you really would like to see your life, it’s time to start acting.

2Start Saying Yes

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If you have convinced yourself that you will live in this place, do this work and be lonely, but on the other hand, you really want to change it, then it’s time to start saying yes instead of no. While your thinking was limited, you probably didn’t notice the opportunities that are available to you.

Surely, you received an invitation to parties or corporate events and refused to attend them. Surely, the gym next to your house offers a good discount for beginners, but you did not notice it. Surely someone wrote to you on a social network with a proposal to chat, but you sent this person to the blacklist. Change your no to yes and your life will also begin to change.

3Start Trusting the World

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If your previous family experience led to filling out superior court divorce forms, this is not a sentence. This is just an experience. This does not mean that from now and forever you are doomed to failure in all your beginnings, and this is also true for new relationships.

Our world is a beautiful and safe place, and it gives us a sea of opportunities that we do not use firstly because of our Limited Belief System, and secondly because of mistrust. Try to start trusting and take advantage of all the random opportunities. Take an active position instead of a passive one, and you yourself will begin to attract changes.


In fact, all restrictions are subjective and exist only in our heads. The only objectively existing limitation is death, and nothing more. With each passing day, the end of our life is getting closer and closer, so let’s live it in a quality way, finally getting rid of the limited beliefs within ourselves.