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There are many reasons why online betting has become popular around the world. People need a hobby that will help them relax and make their free time more entertaining. Despite that, betting allows people to earn a decent amount of money while they rest. 

Things are not different when we talk about India. People here can bet from the comfort of their room on almost every sport that exists in the world. Yet, it seems that the habits of people in the second most populated country in the world are a bit different. Most people across the globe would decide to bet on soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. However, in India, the most popular sport for betting is – cricket

Some people in India are not sure whether betting is the right option for them or not. Even if they want to start their journey, they are not quite sure how to make the first steps. Cricket betting may be the answer to that question. That is the reason why we would like to analyze the reasons why cricket is the most popular sport for betting in India. After reading the list below, people will no longer hesitate. Let’s start!

It Is the Most Popular Sport in India

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Without any doubt, cricket is the most popular sport in India. When tourists visit India, they will manage to see kids playing cricket on almost every corner. Despite that, almost every person will passionately follow the games of his favorite cricket team. 

It seems that people in India turned their passion into gambling activity as well. Watching cricket games is always a memorable thing. However, when you bet on the teams or results, things become even more entertaining. 

Cricket Betting Is Accessible

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Let’s use European online betting sites as an example. In almost all online bookmakers in Europe, people will manage to find odds for all the European leagues. It doesn’t matter if someone lives in Poland, Germany, Spain, or Serbia. People from all parts of Europe follow soccer matches constantly. Logically, they do that because they are passionate about that sport.

Things are not different when we talk about India. As we previously said, people in India like cricket a lot. That is the reason why cricket betting is accessible. Everyone with a proper Wi-Fi connection can place a bet on his favorite team at different cricket betting sites. However, it would be unfair to say that they are equally good. Because of that, after reading this article, people should check out It is a place where they can get familiar with the features of the best cricket betting sites as well as the services they offer. 

There Are Many Tournaments Over the Year

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Here comes another reason why cricket is the most popular sport for betting in India. There are many cricket tournaments across India that people can bet on. In other words, there are many betting opportunities almost every day. From the comfort of their room, people can follow their favorite teams and gamble on their smartphones. It is a lovely way to spend a weekend with family and recharge your batteries for the next working week. 

Cricket Betting is Simple

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Betting sites in India all come with a simple interface and navigation. It doesn’t matter how old people are and how familiar they are with online technology. Cricket betting is simple and easy, and there is no way someone will get stuck at online betting sites. With a couple of clicks, they can place a bet and check the results of the game later. 

They can access websites on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer device. The device they are using does not have to be expensive and strong. All the online betting sites are not demanding, and people can research them easily. 

Betting on Cricket Is Safe

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This rule does not only count for people in India. In all parts of the world, people want to be sure their personal data is safe. That especially becomes important when money gets involved. Betting on cricket online comes with different advantages and concerns. Fortunately, the owners of the betting sites understand the requirements and expectations people in India have. Because of that, they ensured a high level of security. 

On the other hand, Indian betting lovers need to be careful as well. Betting on websites without a license may be a costly mistake. The license usually stays in the footer of the website. However, you should check out other pages to find it. If the license is not visible on the website, people should ask the owners if they could show it to them. If the owners start looking for excuses or simply don’t want to show it, that should be a red flag for the person. 

Bonus: Why Is Cricket Popular in India in General?

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There are a couple of reasons that we could highlight here. In that way, people outside of the country will understand why cricket is the most popular sport in India

First of all, the game itself is simple. Everything players need is a ball and a bat. Despite that, people do not have to invite many people to start a game. For instance, for soccer, at least 10 people will have to play it. On the other hand, only two individuals are enough to enjoy the game. 

Despite that, another reason is affordability. People do not have to purchase expensive playing equipment. That is probably the reason why kids are playing it on every corner. 

It would be unfair not to mention the physical attributes of Indias. Cricket is not a physically demanding sport. It is not a secret that Indian people are not tall, and that is the reason why cricket is a perfect option for them. 

Finally, the national cricket team of India managed to get a big number of rewards. We will give the right to ourselves to say that they are the best cricket team in the world. That was probably inspiring for many people. Many of them gladly play it in their free time.