Studies have shown that most people decide within 5 seconds after looking at a resume. Your resume is your marketing. A reason that will convince employers to meet with you for an interview.

Without a marketable and appealing resume that contains all the information an employers needs, you will probably not get the job you want. Also, never forget the crucial role a cover letter plays. A cover letter always goes together with the resume.

A good resume with a bad cover letter will probably end up in the trash can. If you want to leave a good impression with your resume to get the job you want, we have a list of the top 10 tips to help you write it properly.

Keep it professional


Your resume is a business document. This means you have to treat it as such, in other words, it must be professional. Your resume is not a place for funny e-mail addresses, pictures or gimmicks. Even if you think that your e-mail address is funny or that you look good in your picture, this is not required for a resume. Always stick to the facts and keep it professional.

Make it targeted

To have better chances to land an interview, you must make your resume targeted. Employers want information about what you can do for their company. IT is important to customize your resume for different job offerings. Get rid of all the information that is not needed for a particular job. This will clear up your resume, making it easier on the eyes without all the irrelevant information.

It must be well-written


A concise and well written will leave a much better impression with the employer than a long-winded resume. Positive action words such as influenced, attained, enhanced and restructured. These words will add that extra boost that you need for your resume.

On the other hand, make sure you avoid everyday buzz words. Words like a reliable, ambitious and hard work can have a harmful effect on your resume since these words add no value to it at all.


Do not be scared to sell your accomplishments, abilities, and skill. Your resume is there to promote you. If you do not tell the employer yourself, no one else will. Instead of focusing on what the business can offer you, focus on what you can offer for the business. Emphasize the skills that the job is asking for.

Quality over quantity


Your resume is not about telling a story, it is about facts about your skills, experience, and abilities. Do not add any irrelevant data.

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Keep it simple

Forget about using pretty and different fonts, just keep it simple. Your resume is not meant to be displayed on the wall. It should be simple and easy to read for the employer, so do not make it harder for them than it already is.



Poor grammar and spelling will result in instant disposal to the garbage can. Make sure you use a spell checker, re-read every sentence at least twice and have someone else read your resume from start to finish.