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Resume writing is a job that needs serious consideration. Take the time to do just that and don’t rush. Consider compiling this application as the first major step that leads you to your desired job.

Do not think that your resume will not be read by anyone. When applying for a position, the documents you send, most of all resumes, “speak” for you and represent you – thet is your bio recommending you for the job. Unless they do so in an acceptable way, you will hardly get an interview invitation and an opportunity to introduce yourself in more detail.

Before you start thinking about how to write it, make sure you know the answer to the question of what it is, what it means to your employer, and how important it is.

What is a resume?

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The simplest answer is – it’s your business bio. A list of everything that recommends you as the right candidate for a particular position. If you want to get a job, make sure your resume is full of content and well written. This is your opportunity to present yourself in a more positive light and stand out from the competition. So, take the time to write, because a good resume often means the difference between success and failure.

Also, the simplest answer to the question of how to write a Resume is – no mistake. It must not contain grammatical, spelling, or other errors. So, have a good look at the document to make sure it is spelled correctly. If you don’t have a lot of experience, you can also find free professional resume templates on sites like Ladders.

10 tips that stand out from others:

Most applications and cover letters are annoying. While employers are digging through the dozens and dozens of thems, there are a couple of ways to make them notice you. There are 8 items, which in addition to your work experience and diplomas, can significantly improve your application.

Project work

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Employers generally want to see your work on some specific projects. Have you launched a new product or service? Did you help create a process or innovate in your workplace? The CEO and HR team would rather see how you will fit into their team than your positions in previous jobs.

What drives you?

Another important thing is to write one ” what ” on your resume. What makes you get up early in the morning? What do you want to change in the world? What drives you?

What are you reading right now?

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It is very important that people spend their free time. Write down all the blogs you read, the sites you visit, and your favorite books, whatever position you are applying for. This gives the employer insight into your interests and gives them a broader picture of you.

Constant learning

It is understood that diplomas are of value, but candidates who continue their studies beyond traditional schooling (private classes, online lectures, seminars, etc.) are individuals who have a desire for continuous learning and promotion. Such a candidate brings with them not only the necessary skills to do their job, but additional depth, independence, and creativity in their work.

Your social relevance

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If you are applying for a job as a manager at a travel agency, it will be important for your employer that you are surrounded by news in the field of tourism. It shows your passion for the area and knowing what interests people. If you do not mention this, there is a chance that the employer will think that you do not have touchpoints with the field related to the job you are applying for.

Not-so-common interests and facts about you

Reading endless applications, that’s why most employers look at candidates who have made an effort to show their qualities through their resume. The inclusion of interest and facts about you not only makes your application more interesting but also gives the reader the impression that they know you, which automatically provides some dose of confidence.

The languages ​​you speak

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Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is always a big plus. Company directors often try to have as many foreign languages ​​as possible, because “more doors are open” to them. There are more and more worldwide projects day by day and knowing exactly that language can be the key to getting a job.

Places you have visited

Traveling and visiting different places can change the way you look at many things. If you cite places you have traveled and visited, you can introduce yourself as someone who looks at things from many angles. You give yourself the idea of ​​working lightly under pressure and not being afraid to think differently from others. If your employer is building a global company, he certainly needs that kind of person.

Work experience

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You probably also know for yourself that in today’s business, work experience is very important. Sometimes it will take advantage of education itself.

So, make it clear what positions you worked for, what period, and what responsibilities you held. If possible, try to mention those assignments that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Also, if you have space and experience to do so, it is advisable to present your success so far at work in great detail (even in numbers, statistics, business strategies, etc.). This way, your potential employer will have insight into your organization, and of course, your business potential.


If you have recommendations from previous employers, your professors, or relevant people, you should highlight them at the end.


A resume is not just your job application. He is much more than that. It is your sales letter that sells your services to a potential employer. It is a document that can provide you with an interview with your employer and a chance to present yourself live and in more detail.

Simply, a resume is a ticket to the world of which you want to become. He is no guarantee that you will remain in it, that you will manage, that you will be more satisfied and that everyone will accept you. But if your ticket is inappropriate, then you can’t even find out. So, secure a valid ticket and give yourself a chance.