Galvanized steel is a material with high resistance to rust. The metal sheet is covered with vintage zinc. It is the covering that prevents metal corrosion under the influence of moisture and oxygen without the need for additional processing.

The thickness of the coating may be different. It depends on the environment in which the rolled stock will be used. The sheet is coated on one or two sides. Galv’d steel can be used in any climate, and the service life reaches 50 years.

What are the advantages of galvanized steel?

Compared with other types of metal, galv’d steel has a number of the following advantages:

– considerable service;

– environmental safety;

– high strength;

– low cost;

– ease of use.

Types of galvd metal


Zinked steel is produced by hot-dip galvanizing steel coils. Galvanizing consists of several stages. First, the steel sheet is burned and then placed in a special hot zinc bath. Then, in order for the surface to gain good protection, it is preserved.

Choosing the right material, you should take into account the conditions under which the metal and its application area will be exploited. Standard dimensions of a roll of sheet metal are usually the following: a width of 71-150 cm and a thickness of 0.4-1.5 mm. Finished products have a certain classification. Four groups are distinguished:

– for general purpose;

– cold stamping;

– cold polishing;

– for further painting.

According to the possibilities for elongation, galvd sheet is divided into:

– normal drawing metal;

– deep drawing metal;

– extra deep drawing metal.

In addition, the material is distinguished by the quality of deposition of zinc on the surface. It can be normal and reduced thickness variation. The following website offers a wide range of the above mentioned

Galvanized steel and its application

The building material is used in various areas of industry:

Building industry


Production of stairs, decking, metal tiles with polymer coating, building gutters and chimneys, air ducts, fences, handrails. Steel is used for exterior and interior decoration of buildings and structures.

Automobile construction, machine-tool construction, shipbuilding


Production of parts, cars/trucks bodies, engines, blades, manufacture of spare parts for metalworking and woodworking machines, conveyor systems.

Besides, zinked steel is used in:

food industry;

– aircraft industry;

– roofing;

– production of a professional flooring;

– production of household appliances.

Choosing a galvd metal, carefully consider the assessment of its quality. First of all, inspect the products visually. The surface of the metal shouldn’t have cracks, chipping. Some roughness and sagging are permissible only in certain grades of galvanized sheet (i.e. cold stamping groups). As for cracks, their presence can affect the service life of steel with a layer of zinc.