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It can’t be denied that motorcycles attract quite a big segment of the population because of that gripping feeling of freedom. Or because of the special connection with the road that’s simply different on two wheels. But neither can the high risk of injury or death to motorcycle drivers be denied.

Riding a motorbike requires more attention and caution than driving – and that seems to be pretty clear. Even if hassle happens, luckily, there are ways to cope with it, recover and also get an injury compensation that companies like Foyle Legal offer (which makes them be a gem of Perth and Western Australia for a good reason).

However, that doesn’t mean that each and every one of those accidents will end without serious consequences. Per mile driven, motorcyclists are approximately 37 times more likely to die like this than the occupants of a car with passengers.

For this reason, we must take into account the characteristics of our vehicle (especially the weight and dimensions) to prevent, as far as possible, any disaster. Despite this, there are certain situations that end up turning the journey into an unpleasant experience –  so, let’s see the most frequent causes.

The speed is not adequate to the situation


There’s always a speed limit, indicating the maximum at which you can go – for your own safety and that of other drivers). It’s only an upper limit. You don’t have to drive that fast all the time. And it’s crucial to be able to tell which velocity is the safest for each and every occasion: when it rains, when there’s a lot of traffic, when it’s an unknown road, when you’re tired, etc.

What usually happens on many occasions is that motorists aren’t quite aware of this danger, especially when they’re moving after the green traffic lights appears. The speed also needs to be adapted to traffic and weather conditions.

And always respecting the established limits! Likewise, it’s also dangerous to be too slow. On a motorcycle, it causes us not to react in time. If the late reaction occurs in a roundabout or a curve, and we break abruptly, we end up on the ground.

Details are important when it comes to getting traffic accidents figured out. Missing little things out can influence the outcome and change the direction of any given case. On you will find both the education and the services you might be looking for. It is never a mistake to get all the expertise from professionals on your side.

Losing control in a curve

When we speak about curves, we imagine “twisted” roads where we’re going to have a fantastic time. Pure fun! But do we really know how to ride a motorbike through these? Losing control in a curve is one of the most common problems. An inadequate technique such as speeding or sudden braking can drag the motorcyclist out of the asphalt or invade the opposite lane and the outcome can be fatal.

From a good placement on the road to the degree of inclination of the vehicle, whether or not we suffer an injury will depend on our way of driving.  When the curves are dangerous, it’s essential to know and execute good traction of the curves, since otherwise, the risk is much greater.

Ignorance about the proper braking technique


In driving schools, there’s a lot of insistence that all students have a clear understanding of the appropriate braking technique in order to be able to control their road activities. Each situation usually becomes more dangerous when we don’t make good use of this technique: use the front brake instead of both and vice versa, etc.

The braking distance differs depending on different factors, from the state of the road or the tires to the correct operation of the brake equipment or the anticipation of the driver.

Bad use of space

This is a big one. Sometimes, when we’re not able to place ourselves well and take advantage of the space that we have at our disposal, this can mean that when we want to place ourselves in an appropriate position, we expose ourselves to having an accident. Either because of us or because of other vehicles that don’t take into account motorbikes. If we can’t find that space, it’s best to stay behind a car and move forward when we have the opportunity –  this maneuver is safe.

Taking into account the difference in the dimensions of a motorcycle and a vehicle are different. There’s a safe distance – this helps us to stop before reaching the vehicle that precedes us – you never know when others can stop untimely. And there needs to be a good visibility to the rest of the traffic participants, including pedestrians.

Ability to anticipate unforeseen


Fortunately, unforeseen events tend to be scarce on the way, unless you are a madman who puts his life at stake every moment. The concentration here is fundamental since with it we can avoid the greater hassle.

Driving a motorbike is largely based on the anticipation of the maneuvers. Those must be fluid and precise because anything we don’t see or hopefully can make us fall off the motorbike. To avoid this, it’s essential to increase attention – we mustn’t take our eyes off what happens both in front of us and around us.


One of the problems that this segment always has to do with. Motorbikes are more likely to break down, and therefore their maintenance has to be more thorough. If we don’t fix it when it needs it, the risk grows exponentially.

Any vehicle without proper maintenance is dangerous and any sign of malfunction can be considered a risk for the driver and his passenger. The condition of the tires,

checking the level of engine oil frequently and brake pads and chain needs to be performed regularly so that we can be sure there won’t be any troubles.

Ignorance of the rules


Last but not least, it’s the rules that we need to follow. Not only to keep them in mind, but to apply them and act accordingly. You know it: there are people who think they are superior to other drivers… that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Although things can happen to anyone, miscalculations are usually more frequent in newbies, who have to get used to riding and following the laws regarding this.

This is also something that many motorcyclists don’t really know – or they simply neglect it. You have to worry about driving defensively, which means taking pedestrians into account, making your maneuver understood, not performing the ones that affect the other players on the way and getting ahead of the maneuvers that others can do.

When riding a motorcycle you have to take extra precautions and not trust yourself unconditionally without being cautious. Let’s not forget that motorists are very vulnerable to accidents and therefore, they need to be careful – safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Accidents happen every day, no matter how safe you feel you’re being on the back of your bike. If you do find yourself in an accident, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. Reach out to the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Marks & Harrison to ensure you get the help you need.