Which Protective Motorcycle Clothing is Necessary?

Many motorcycle riders we can witness in traffic will be wearing different levels of protection. Some might combine a helmet with regular street clothes, while others are decked in heavy and armored protective gear.

Since high-quality protective motorcycle clothing can be expensive and costs effort to put on and wear, you might wonder which gear really is necessary when you are new to the world of motorcycle riders. Here are the most helpful and effective pieces of motorcycle gear needed for responsible riding.

Different Opinions on the Necessity of Protective Motorcycle Clothing


When you are just starting out and are looking for opinions on the necessary motorcycle gear, you will most likely find different points of view. Some believe that a full set of high-quality protective gear is necessary for all rides (also known as ATGATT – All the Gear, All the Time), while others aren’t even willing to wear motorcycle helmets.

Hopefully, you will receive some input from experienced and responsible riders. They should let you know that wearing protective motorcycle clothing and a helmet will reduce the high risk of injuries or even fatalities in motorcycle accidents.

Bikers are statistically more likely to be involved in crashes, receive injuries during them, or die in accidents than other traffic users like car drivers. They are protected by the motor carriage, seatbelts, and airbags while sitting more comfortably, protected from environmental influences, and driving an easier-to-control four-wheeler. Additionally, the size of a car makes it easier to see, while flexible motorcycles are overlooked more often.

Many studies have shown that the risk of life-altering or ending injuries in case of a motorcycle crash is significantly reduced by protective motorcycle clothing. This applies to both short and long motorcycle rides.

How to Find the Right Motorcycle Gear

While wearing any protective clothing rather than regular street clothes is admirable, it is only high-quality professional motorcycle gear that will give you the full protection needed while riding or in an accident. Specialized vendors like feature gear made specifically for this purpose.

Many of these high-quality items have been tested by motorcycle and safety authorities. Especially the helmets should always have a certificate issued by institutions like the US Department of Transportation. Items with a DOT-Sticker have been stress tested and proven to be effective.

5 Pieces of Necessary Motorcycle Gear


The following motorcycle gear is protective against several influences. They:

  • shield our bodies from injuries,
  • protect us from environmental influences like rain, wind, and UV-rays,
  • keep us comfortable and alert, and
  • help us control the bike.

This way, they do not only reduce the severity of injuries when we crash but can help us avoid crashes caused by fatigue or distractions altogether.

1. Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are the singular most critical piece of protective motorcycle gear. Our head and brain are vulnerable body parts, while they are also the center of many bodily and cognitive functions. Injuries to the head can easily lead to death or chronic disabilities, like paralysis.

That’s why governments who recommend their citizens to wear protective motorcycle clothing typically make the motorcycle helmet the single mandatory item. Similarly, that’s why many regulatory bodies and testing facilities focus on the quality and safety of motorcycle helmets the most.

The hard shell and protective foam linings of a helmet catch any impacts and redistribute the force across their surface, instead of letting it hit the head directly. In many accidents, motorcycle helmets split open. Especially those riders who still suffer an injury to the head from impacts like these are happy to have the helmet suffer this destiny in place of their head.

The best protection comes from a full-face or modular helmet. They include a visor that protects the wearer’s eye and shields their chin and nose, as well as stabilizes their neck.

2. Motorcycle Jackets


Motorcycle clothing is supposed to make the wearer more comfortable, by shielding them from UV rays, wind, rain, and cold, and protecting them from injuries. To shield us from harm, motorcycle jackets or variations like jumpsuits and vests, are made from tough materials and additional armor and padding.

The abrasion-resistant materials, like leather or Kevlar, protect us from road rash or sharp items penetrating our skin. The armor plates cover especially vulnerable parts, like our elbows, to shield them from impacts and broken bones.

3. Motorcycle Pants

The rules for motorcycle jackets apply to motorcycle pants as well. Here, armored plates cover the knees and sometimes hips. You can often find more street-style motorcycle pants, designed to look like jeans. With these, you need to make sure they still offer appropriate protection. For example, armored plates sewn into relevant spots are important factors.

4. Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are meant to keep your foot from slipping off the motorcycle and stabilize your ankle. That’s why effective motorcycle shoes are at least high enough to cover the ankles. Professional motorcycle racers often wear much higher boots, with additional protection, all the way up their lower legs.

This way, the legs and feet in their vulnerable position are shielded from impacts and protected from twisting.

The sole of the shoe should be slip-resistant, and the fastening must be securable, instead of letting things like laces dangle freely. Some motorcycle boots also have reinforced toe and heel boxes.


5. Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves fulfill the same purpose as motorcycle clothing. They shield your vulnerable hands from impacts and weather influences. Additionally, they provide you with better grip and padding at the base of the palm.

This way, your hands won’t get effected and numbed by the motorcycle’s vibrations as much, and you can safely catch yourself when you fall.


Motorcycle gear is important for responsible motorcycle riding. It protects your body and keeps you alert and comfortable. This way, you can often avoid mistakes caused by fatigue or distracting weather conditions. The armor plating and abrasion-resistant materials protect your body from broken bones, cuts, and other injuries. Many studies have shown that these 5 items are important to reduce the severity of injuries received in accidents.