Destiny 2 is an action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter. The user plays in a sci-fi world. Some people compare this game to a film. The freaky style of weapons and armor came from Halo, but everything else was created from scratch. The game is a kind of “Star Wars” where you can surf the galaxy with friends or alone.

Every user enters the story as a Guardian and has a supernatural power called Light. The main aim is to protect the city from the invasion of aggressive aliens. In Destiny 2, you can play in PvE and PvP modes.

Many long and difficult tasks are designed for the passage of a group of three (“raid”) or six (“raid”) players and offer for such a group a variety of challenges that require teamwork, including puzzles. The tasks are quite difficult, not every player can pass all of them quickly. Some spend a lot of time completing missions, while others turn to boost services like

To make it easier to complete tasks, you need to choose the right equipment. We have compiled a ranking of the best weapons.

8. The Messenger



  1. Reinforced frame. Negatively affects the rate of fire, but increases damage and accuracy.
  2. Arrow brake. Ideal for absorbing recoil.
  3. Increased ammo magazine. Gives 30 extra ammo, but slows down reload speed.
  4. Quick hit. Accurate hits on enemies have a positive effect on accuracy.
  5. One for all. If you hit 3 enemies in a few seconds, the effectiveness of the gun will increase.

The Pulse Rifle has decent base stats, so it is strong even when not upgraded. This weapon is ideal in team battles.

The only problem with this build is that it is designed for fast-paced combat. So it will be difficult to reload quickly when your enemy attacks.

7. Gridskipper



  1. Rapid-fire frame. Increases ammo capacity and speeds up the magazine change if you empty it.
  2. Extended barrel. Improves range and accuracy of shots.
  3. Ricochet cartridges. Projectiles bounce off surfaces so you can hit enemies in cover.
  4. Tunnel vision. After the destruction of the enemy, the time of aiming and capturing the target is temporarily reduced.
  5. Thirst for adrenaline. Killing with grenades significantly increases the damage dealt.

This gun performs best at medium ranges. Although it loses a bit in terms of stats, Gridskipper is very effective in aggressive gameplay.

6. Fatebringer



  1. Adaptive frame.
  2. Corrugated barrel. Gives 15 points to convenience.
  3. Precision munitions. The ammo travels much further without loss of damage.
  4. High-explosive shells. After colliding with an obstacle, an explosion occurs, hitting enemies in a small radius.
  5. Firefly. Killing a target causes the corpse to glow and then explode.

This cannon will be the terror of enemies if they like to huddle together. It is enough to kill one opponent to break the tactics. The heroes will have to scatter so as not to die from the explosion. Thanks to the range, you will always be at a safe distance, so you can calmly choose the perfect moment for the finishing blow.

5. Felwinter’s Lie


  1. Shot set. Bullets fly more accurately, even over long distances.
  2. Chok. Reduces the effectiveness of a critical strike, but reduces the dispersion when aiming.
  3. Precision munitions. Increase attack distance.
  4. Shooting in sliding. Rolling will give you some ammo and improve your accuracy.
  5. First shot.

Thanks to the First Shot perk and other improvements, Felwinter’s Lie is the best shotgun in the game. If you hit right in the head, then the enemy will immediately die. The gun surpasses all other shotguns in range.

4. Adored


  1. Adaptive frame.
  2. Chased grooves. Strong Barrel increases attack range by 10.
  3. Precision munitions. Give 10 points to the range.
  4. Triple shot.
  5. Quick aim. Simplifies the use of optics.

This sniper rifle is very useful against mobile heroes. It is enough to make 1 well-aimed shot to kill the enemy.

3. Astral Horizon


  1. Aggressive frame. Increases damage and recoil.
  2. Rifled barrel. Increases the range of fire, but negatively affects convenience.
  3. Assault store. Grants additional fire rate.
  4. Shooting in sliding.

This gun will have to be pumped for a very long time in order to become as effective as possible. It has great base stats and nice bonuses. Astral Horizon is considered the best kinetic shotgun.

2. Telesto



  1. Unplanned delay. Projectiles are attached to the enemy and the landscape, after which a powerful explosion occurs.
  2. Projection fuse. Gives 10 points to the range.
  3. Messenger’s pulse. Overkills reload kinetic and energy cannons in reserve.
  4. Polymer handle. Adds 10 points to convenience.

This weapon will help you ambush enemies and block their passage in a narrow place thanks to exploding projectiles.

1. The Wardcliff Coil


  1. Mad scientist. It sends a whole salvo at the enemy instead of one projectile.
  2. Increased power. It will become a little more difficult to control weapons, but the radius of destruction will increase.
  3. Increased ammo magazine.
  4. Loading mechanism. The magazine automatically changes immediately after picking up ammunition.

This is the best rocket launcher for PVP mode, it will destroy the entire squad of enemies at once without any problems. A fully pumped cannon does a lot of damage, but due to the low speed of the projectiles, you need to carefully monitor the movement of enemies, otherwise, you will miss it.

In conclusion

You should keep in mind a weapon’s fundamental mechanics before selecting one.

The primary weapon is typically a kinetic weapon. Although it is less effective against shields, it provides great damage to unprotected targets.

Energy weapons are significantly more powerful than kinetic weapons at disabling opposing shields. With the aid of the relevant element, you can successfully penetrate an opponent’s shield that is painted in a specific color. This type of weaponry is marginally less effective against undefended targets than the previous type.

Power weapons deliver substantially more damage than kinetic or energy weapons, sweeping the opponent away. It works well against any target, but it is especially valuable against strong enemies. Power weapons typically have a limited supply of ammo and are tough to use.

We hope that this compilation was useful for you and will help you pass the missions without tears.