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In Jacksonville, FL, a nanny was caught on camera shaking a two-year-old. In Long Island, NY another nanny was caught burning a two-year-old toddler with a curling iron. In West Michigan, a man posing as a customer was caught on camera stealing the wallet of the business owner.

In New Jersey, an 11-year-old boy happened to enter his house at the same time an intruder was in it; the boy escaped and the intruder who was the hired landscaper of the boy’s parents, was caught on camera.

What all these incidents have in common is that they were caught on a spy camera, also known as the nanny-cam, as these cams are often used by working or traveling parents who have children in the care of nannies or babysitters during any part of the day or night.

More about spy cameras


The choices are abundant, and you’ll want to have a detailed look at which spy cameras suits you and your budget. According to, discreet cams can be embedded in almost anything and everything; from peepholes and speakers to pens and clocks, or almost anything that blends in with the surroundings of a room or house. Cameras can be wired, wireless or have a built-in DVR.

Wireless cameras have a built-in transmitter. The most popular types are self-recording cameras which means they don’t require wires or a receiver. High-quality cameras can record continuously for around 60 to 70 minutes. These cams can come in pens or watches and other small items.

Typically, you need to insert an SD card for longer recordings that are saved onto the card’s memory. Hidden cams also have a night-mode which means they automatically detect darkness and start working on that basis. With the appropriate software and a WIFI connection, it’s easy to download an app to your phone and check that your camera is working and view a live stream while you’re away from home.

Legally speaking


All 50 states allow you to install a nanny cam on or in your property. But according to which state you live in, some states require that you tell a person, the nanny, for example, that a camera is being used. In other states, that warning isn’t necessary.

Now that you know more about them, here are 5 important reasons why you should purchase one.

Crime prevention

This is a no-brainer. When you have a cam, even if a crime occurs, you will make it much easier for police to track down someone who has robbed your home or done anything else against the law.

Nanny monitor


Clearly, there are problems with some nannies; enough that spy cams are named after them! You need a spy camera to keep nannies and babysitters in check.

A spy camera is a necessity, especially when a babysitter is new, as you’re leaving your kid, for reasons beyond your control with someone you don’t know well enough. So you need someone or something to be there instead of you, and that’s your nanny cam.

Protect older children and elders

For kids who are too old for a babysitter, but are still young enough to need an eye them, you will want to do everything in your power to make sure they’re safe. If you have an elderly living with you, they too might need camera surveillance to protect them.

A discreet cam will give you the peace of mind you need when you have to be away from your children or an aged elder with a third eye watching over them.

Protect your workplace


Business owners are generally within their legal rights to video record since they are recording for reasons of security or other legitimate reasons. As a business owner, it’s part of your responsibility to make sure your employees are also protected while on the premises. Alongside that, not all employees are honest and you might be at risk of employee theft which is unfortunately all too common.

Admissible evidence

If a crime takes place in your home or workplace, the footage can be used as proof and used in court if the situation goes that far. Yet, audio recordings might not be permissible under federal laws and can be considered as wiretapping, which is illegal.

Spy cameras are being used much more than you might expect. They’re a tool to be used responsibly that will help in protecting you, your family, and your home or business. Anyone can have one and anyone will think a hundred times before attempting to do something illegal because of these small but powerful lifesavers.