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Yoga is a meditative form of exercise that benefits both your body and mind. Starting your day with thirty minutes of yoga can energize you mentally and physically, and prep you for a long day. However, because this form of exercise requires posing in very flexible maneuvers, picking the right outfit can affect your efficiency at your yoga class.

This form of exercise will require you to be in a peaceful state of mind, so you wouldn’t want to wear something that clings to your body in awkward crevices, or otherwise makes you uncomfortable. You’ll want to focus on the serenity of your mind and get your poses right.
Here are five essential tips when you’re picking out a comfortable yoga outfit.

1. Flexible Fabric and comfortable Footwear

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You’re not dressed to impress at your yoga class; you’re dressed to move, stretch and twist. Holding some yoga poses can be very uncomfortable in the wrong clothes. For instance, you’ll want to stay away from shorts made of any thick fabric, especially jeans, but flexible doesn’t always mean baggy.

A well-fitted shirt that stretches comfortably when you twist is recommended, as baggy t-shirts may slide to your head when you’re bending down. This can distract you from the pose and can have you counted down the minutes until you can stretch back again when you should be focused on letting go. Go for flexible fabric, but avoid anything too tight, as this can also cause uncomfortable friction while you move. With clothes, your footwear should be your priority as well.

You should always wear comfortable shoes while doing yoga that suits your feat requirement. Its sole should be comfy and thick but soft and not very hard. Yoga shoes should be non-slip and must have increased friction on the floor. It is recommended by many yogis that you should be barefoot while doing yoga, but some people still wear shoes or light socks if they face any kind of problem with their feet and they are not doing it indoors in such case they need something supportive for their feet.

2. Dress to Break a Sweat

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While yoga isn’t exactly cardio, you should be prepared to sweat, and sometimes, quite a lot. You’ll likely be in an air-conditioned space, but vigorous classes will certainly make you feel the heat. You’ll want to wear something comfortable as well as breathable, or else your sweat will stick to your skin, and you’ll feel icky halfway through the class. This is especially important when it comes to breathable yoga pants. You can click here to learn what to look for when shopping for the right, breathable pants. While some people like to go for shorts, this may be uncomfortable when your skin grazes across your yoga mat. You can also opt for cotton materials, as they help to absorb any moisture, and can avoid making your skin feel slippery.

3. Don’t Fret about Looking the Part

If it’s comfortable and helps you move, twist, and bend with ease, then you’ve put together the right yoga outfit. You should never fret about whether you look the part, or if you have to match colors. If this is your first time attending a yoga class, you’ll notice how your peers opt for comfort, and not style.
Whether it’s a sports bra, long sleeves, or an old pair of pants, it works if it makes you move with ease. When you’re new to the class, it’s natural to want to set a good impression, but you’ll see people of all ages, sizes, and shapes, and it’s unlikely anyone will pay attention to how you choose to dress.

4. Consider the Type of Yoga

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If you’re a beginner, you won’t have to shop for anything pricy to wear necessarily. Anything comfortable will do, as beginner yoga such as Hatha and Vinyasa will only teach you the basics, and you won’t have to do any complicated poses that require a specific outfit. On the other hand, more advanced yoga such as Iyengar and Ashtanga will have you hold very challenging poses for a long period of time.

These classes will not just require fitted outfits made for yoga, but will likely require some tools and props as well. Other types may be taught in a heated room to promote detoxifying your body through sweating, which will need breathable, cotton outfits.

These types include Bikram and Hot yoga

Alongside this, we also have the other type of yoga is Jivamukti that gives you spiritual and mental peace. For this, you require a flexible and easy form of dress for some complex moves which give your body a tough time. This powerful yoga involves subforms of some poses of traditional Hatha yoga. It is also an active approach to the Vinyasa type of yoga. So, in this way power yoga is the most effective form because it keeps your whole body involved.

5. Test the Waters

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If you’re unsure whether your outfit is suitable for class, it’s okay to give it a try. You can also pack different shirts and pants with you, in case you feel uncomfortable with what you’re wearing. If all else fails, never hesitate to ask your instructor about what you can wear, or if there are specific brands that you can purchase.

Yoga is for relaxation of your mind and body and in that case, there should be no distraction in the way of mental and physical peace. So, physical interference can cause disturbances.

Even though yoga is one of the slowest and calmest forms of exercise, you’ll need to be dressed to sweat and flexibly move because it can be quite demanding with its complicated maneuvers, always make sure to wear breathable and stretchy fabric that can move with you as you twist, turn and bend. In order to avoid these disruptions and to stay relaxed and calm, you should choose your outfit and accessories very carefully.