Have you ever considered hiring a male escort? Yes? No? It is a tricky question to answer. Isn’t it? As a woman, we will get judged for even talking about our sex life in public. Let alone thinking about hiring an escort!

However, this notion is becoming common. It is especially in metropolitan cities like Melbourne or New York, or so on. There are multiple reasons women prefer to pay for having an intimate night. And it is not all about sex! Some women hire them because they are looking for human touch after a complicated heartbreak. Or some are looking for a safe & positive first experience.

These are just two reasons. Below, we look at a few more reasons women hire a male escort.

But first, some rules for hiring them:

Their price is listed on the site, do not bargain.

Be honest about what you want or about any problems you may have.

Reason 1: They want a conversation & affection


A woman going through a heartbreak often wants affection and conversation. She wants a shoulder to let out everything that she is going through and always some human touch. It is challenging to find a guy, right after a breakup who will be up for this.

Thus, few women prefer to hire escorts. Therefore, all Melbourne escorts are affectionate, calm, safe, and keep a conversation going on. They are not just the best in bed, but their bedside manner is top-notch, too.

A male escort never charges by the hour. Instead, a male escort’s minimum work-time is two hours. For the simple reason that sometimes they play counsellor to women who need it the most.

Reason 2: They were in a sexually abusive relationship or were sexually harassed

Women who are/were in a sexually abusive relationship seek male escorts. So do women who were sexually abused or harassed. After going through such a hard time in their sexual life, women are fearful of sex.

Hiring a male escort gives them a chance to get over their fear. It is because they are safe, and there is no pressure on them to make the night pleasurable for their partner. Also, they can choose what they want to do and not do, giving them control over their body. A male escort is gentle with them and will never force them for anything. They will ensure that they follow the wishes of the women to tee. That helps them feel better and powerful. This, in turn, helps them feel better about sex again.

Reason 3: They are virgins and are looking for a positive experience


Many women who are virgins hire a male escort. It gives them a safe space to learn about their body and what are they looking for? It is hard to go to a bar or enter the dating world without experience in bed. Most men find it a turn-off, and this is a haven for them without any added pressure.

Also, society puts a lot of taboo on virgins. If a woman tells a guy she meets that she is a virgin, it leads to mockery or more. With an escort, the woman may learn things without any pressure.

Reason 4: They want to feel special or loved

Women often stay in marriage or relationships, which isn’t healthy for them. They are aware that their partner is cheating on them. Yet, they are unable to leave their partner. This situation makes them feel unloved, worthless and can make them lose confidence. Hiring a male escort gives them a chance to feel loved by someone. Someone who appreciates their body. Someone who can make them feel special, even if it is for one night. It helps boost their confidence. And they feel better about their sexuality & life in general.

Reason 5: They need a date to a social event


As we mentioned earlier, hiring a male escort is not only about fulfilling sexual fantasies. A single woman or entrepreneur who needs a date for a social event can also hire a male escort. There are no strings attached when you hire them to pose as their date. If you are looking for the same, click here.

Reason 6: They want to feel relaxed after working at a stressful job

Many women who work stressful jobs will hire a male escort. They want to feel special, calm and enjoy a night without any strings. They usually hire them to fulfil a fantasy and feel incredible for a night.

Reason 7: They are in going through a divorce and don’t want to date


Divorce is tough! Women who are going through one do not want to jump into the dating scene too early. So, hiring an escort is a better choice. They get to enjoy and be open without going through the whole dating thing.

Reason 8: No intimacy in a relationship

There are a few couples who don’t have any intimacy in their relationship. The girl in the relationship feels sexually deprived and may look for comfort or sexual intimacy from an escort.

Reason 9: The partner wants it


A few women hire an escort because their partner wants it. The couple mutually decides to hire an escort to increase the spark in their relationship. Most escorts who agree to this say that their main job is to please the women, while their partner looks on. As weird as it may sound, this does help to improve the sex life of the couple.

Wrapping up, women hiring a male escort is their choice. It is about having fun and being in control. The reasons for every woman are different.

There is nothing wrong as long as both parties involved are in agreement and don’t cross their boundaries. However, one thing to keep in mind is to look for legitimate escort agencies when hiring. It is better in terms of safety, confidentiality, and more. Also, treat the escort respectfully and never ask them for more time. Or bargain with them during the meet. That is a big no and can get you blacklisted.