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Humans are social creatures by nature. We want to interact with like-minded people by getting together and enjoying fun times. On an individual basis, it can be hard to actually find groups of people to socialize with who are interested in the same things.

One of the best ways to mix and mingle with people who share the same attitudes and interests as you is to join a local social club or two. In this post, we’ll take a look at what a social club is, where to find clubs to join and why you would want to join one.

1Having Fun

A social club is a club that caters to a specific interest group. Some are free to join while others may cost a fee to cover administration costs or use of facilities. The whole idea of social clubs is to provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to come together and indulge those interests in a group environment.

A social club is also a fantastic opportunity to simply socialize with others whenever there’s a gathering and you have the time and the inclination to participate. It’s all about having entertainment options and a ready-made crowd to get together with when it suits you.

Regardless of whether you join a club together with a companion, you are continually going to meet new individuals. As a rule, it’s anything but difficult to coexist with the individuals you meet since all of you share something for all intents and purpose: your enthusiasm for the club. Most clubs have ordinary gatherings or get together a couple of times each week, which implies you invest a lot of energy with different individuals. Club individuals frequently become old buddies with each other.

2Traveling and Activities

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There will be a social club catering to just about any interest or hobby you could think of. If you like drinking and partying, then there are literally tens of thousands of venues and groups around the country catering to the party culture. For instance, the Dooleys club is a social club that welcomes all members of the community, offering various amenities such as contemporary dining, entertainment & likewise.

Social clubs are not all about drinking alcohol and having a party though. All interest groups are catered to, including things like travel clubs. The bigger the city, the more clubs there will be to choose from, but even smaller rural towns will usually have a social club or two.

Let’s take a snapshot of the more common types of social club you could join in a metropolitan area:

  • Billiards
  • Lawn bowls
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Board games & cards
  • Dance lessons
  • Walking clubs
  • Photography
  • Ten-pin bowling
  • And so many more…

If you can think of a hobby or interest that you like, chances are there is a social club for it somewhere.

3Meet people in your surrounding

No matter where you live in Australia there is bound to be a social and entertainment club near you that you can join. For example, if you’re living in the Greater Sydney area, a search on Google or Bing for ‘social club Sydney’ will bring up a number of options for you to look into. You might even further define your search by searching for a specific suburb, such as Lidcombe social club, or social club Penrith.

Another option is to simply ask around in your circle of friends, or get on Facebook and other social media channels and search for groups related to your interests. Some of these groups, or at least the members within, will offer suggestions for or access to a real-life social club you can participate in.

Another alternative is to form your own social club if you can’t find one in your area for your interest or hobby. You could advertise your group on a site like Meetup to garner members and make announcements regarding group get-togethers.

4Make Handy New Friends and Connections

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Social groups are not just an awesome way to entertain yourself and mingle, they can also be a fantastic opportunity to make new friends or even meet handy business contacts. Being social isn’t always about fun and good times. Social events can really be taken advantage of. It’s all about networking, one of the most effective ways to create new relationships and open up the doors to opportunities.

The reverse of that is you might have an open opportunity for somebody else. It’s always a very rewarding feeling to be able to do something positive for someone else.

Join a Social Group and Enhance Your Lifestyle

Social groups that involve physical activity such as a sport will keep you fit and in shape whilst enjoying time with friends. Interacting with other like-minded people is both mentally stimulating and good for the psyche. You may even learn some new skills.
Don’t sit at home alone on the weekends. Get out there and join a social club.