Golf is one of those sports that you don’t really know what to think of when you first watch a game. At first, it looked absurd and pretty easy. Then, as you keep on watching, you start seeing that the players are making some very impressive shots that do look difficult. After that, you try to go and try your luck with a game of golf yourself.

Too many shanks and some muscle strains later, you understand just how difficult it can be, and you can’t get enough. This is why a lot of people get into golf at an older age because it’s just so much fun and presents quite the challenge.

Most importantly, believe it or not, playing golf is actually very good for you. Here’s why.

1Good For The Lungs

One of the best perks of playing golf is the setting. Courses for this game are in vast open spaces, and you enjoy some of the cleanest air you could ever find around. You’re surrounded by just greenery, with no car exhaust or pollution.

So, it’s definitely good for your lungs and entire body, and you find yourself avoiding pollution and enjoying a nice, fresh breath of air every time you hit the course.



Picking up from the last point, being amid such natural beauty and clean air is quite relaxing. Being engulfed by nature has been shown to relieve stress and alleviate anxiety, and golf is just perfect for that.

There’s nothing out there but you, the clubs, balls, and holes, and green landscapes as far as the eyes could see. It is not really surprising to see a lot of executives and very successful individuals making it a part of their weekly or even daily routines –– it relaxes and rejuvenates them.

When you’re playing a game of golf, your mind is clear and you don’t think about much else and you’re enjoying yourself to the fullest. Even afterward, you find yourself relaxed and calm.

3A Great Workout

Most people scoff at the notion that golf offers a great workout for your entire body, but it is true. The average course for this game requires you to walk for miles, carrying a pretty heavy bag. You go over different altitudes and various topographical features, too.

So, you end up burning a lot of calories and making a significant effort, moving from one place to the other. This is why most golfers, even recreationally, are pretty fit. What if you are using a golf cart? Well, it still provides you with an excellent workout, nonetheless. The practice of hitting the ball –– swinging your body and putting as much force as you can on it –– is quite an exercise.

Golf coaches at explain that you will need to master the swing first, which is crucial to actually being good at this sport, which is also quite difficult to perfect. They say that you should take your time with it, listen to what pros have to say, and get yourself the right equipment as these can affect your swing in a whole lot of ways.

Once you do, you will be using your core muscles, legs, arms, and a lot of muscles in your body to make your shots. So, you do make an effort and burn a lot of calories even if you don’t walk from one hole to the other.

4Improves Sleep


Yes, golf can actually help with your distorted sleeping patterns. Being exposed to such fresh air on a regular basis –– not to mention exercise –– is an excellent combination that could help regulate your sleep.

You will be able to fall asleep a lot faster, and the quality of your sleep will improve, so you won’t keep waking up as much and you will be able to rest your body. Yes, regular exercise can have that effect on your body and improve sleep cycles, but golf has a very important advantage of providing you with fresh air, every time.

5Accessible at Any Age

One of the best things about golf is the fact that it is a low-impact sport. Yes, your body does get an exercise and you make an effort, but it is not like you’re playing rugby or basketball. This means you can keep playing as you grow older. Golf doesn’t cause much stress to your muscles or put a strain on your joints.

So, even if you’re 70, you can play it without worrying about serious injury or severe pain, and you’ll be getting a good exercise out of it, too, which is always important as you grow older.


A golf course is always a great place to socialize and meet new people. You can meet a lot of interesting folks playing golf, and even network and make some cool new friends that could prove valuable in the years to come.

It’s not just about meeting new people; you can also reconnect with your friends and family over a nice game, once or twice a week. It could be a family outing or the place where you see your friends.

7Mental Exercise

While golf isn’t exactly chess, you still need to use your brain and be quite sharp if you want to be good at this game.

You need a lot of concentration and even memory to make your shots, not to mention excellent hand-eye coordination and an overall synchronized body movement. So, golf is definitely great for your cognitive abilities, and it does provide you with quite a fun mental challenge every time you are out there on a course.

8Exploring Nature


As we mentioned earlier while playing golf, you’re exposed to some beautiful scenery and you get to enjoy great landscapes. Whenever you travel to a new country or city, make sure to ask about the best golf courses around.

You can be certain they will have some excellent views and majestic scenery –– some particular courses are built in deserts, while others are often on a beachfront.

Golf is simply fun. You don’t realize it at first, but the more you play, the more you fall in love with the game and keep going back. If you have yet to get into golf, do yourself a favor and try a game or two. You don’t even need to buy gear at first. Just challenge yourself to go and actually hit the ball; you won’t be able to stop playing.