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The capital of France, Paris, is known as a city of love. Moreover, it presents a perfect combination of art, beauty, culture, fashion, and history. With millions of tourists visiting it every year, it is one of the most visited cities in the world, if not the most visited. This combination is a clear example of why so many people visit this memorable city. Furthermore, it has a couple of dozens historical cities and monuments that are breathtaking. For example, you have heard about the Eifel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral. According to the data released back in 2019, the city had a population of 2,140,526 and 41 square miles.

The city has an exceptional transportation system, which makes it easier for tourists to visit. Besides this combination we already talked about, Paris is well-known for its countless bars, night bars, clubs. The city’s nightlife is among the best ones in the whole of Europe. Likewise, the city is known for its high-quality escort and sex workers. If you are interested in this topic, you can check out

You can enjoy these in some of the best nightclubs and bars in Paris. This is the reason we’ve decided to compile an article where we will present some of the top VIP nightclubs and bars in Paris you can visit. You are welcome to see why this city is after all, best known as a city of love and nightlife. With that said, let us begin.

VIP Room

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The first on our list is a club called “VIP Room”. It is located in Rivoli Street, which is one of the most prominent streets in all of Paris. This club is often described as a magic place, that has dancers, huge disco balls, sensational animations, and countless themed evenings that are making the experience much more pleasant. When it comes to the dress code, we can say that they are pretty selective, so you need to be careful about what you are going to wear.

The music is commercial almost every evening. However, there are several exceptions to this rule. This is a club that you should definitely check out if you are looking for something different, exceptional, and spectacular.

Chez Raspoutine

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Chez Raspoutine is an exceptional VIP nightclub that is located in the center of the town, near the famous Champs-Elysees. This is a legendary Russian Cabaret that was created back in 1963 and conceptualized by an artist named Erte. The name of the club was derived from the name of famous Russian mystic pilgrim Grigori Raspoutine. Over the last couple of years, this became one of the most prominent nightclubs in the city. Its main room is painted in gold and red.

Furthermore, it consists of many passageways, sculptures, alcoves, velvet fur, and red seats. In 2010, the place was obtained by Laurent de Gourcuff. The owner decided to refurbish the whole club, but also, he decided to keep the main features that create the atmosphere of this popular club.


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There is one club that, if you ask us, represents the combination we talked about in the first part of our article. We are talking about “Badaboum”. This club is a cocktail of Parisian-style nightclub, cocktail bar, and a concert hall. This is the place where countless concerts are hosted every year. You must ask yourself, why concerts? Well, we already talked about this club representing a mix of several elements.

Concerts take place from 8 pm to 11 pm, and after that, the club takes over until very late in the night. Since it is able to host concerts, the club has a perfect sound system. Therefore, you will able to enjoy the highest quality of your favorite music.

Le Montana Club

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One of the most luxurious clubs in the city of love is Le Montana Club. This is a very cozy and selective club located in an old hotel in Saint Germain-Des-Pres. This is one of the best-known and best-renowned VIP clubs in Paris. This place is known as the place of “beautiful place”. If we are to take a look at the list of the celebrities that visited this place over time, we would need a few hours.

We are going to name just some of them. Among celebrities who visited this club are Melvil Poupaud, Alain Chabat, Gilles Lellouche, Kate Moss, etc. Meeting people in this club is pretty easy since the atmosphere is relaxed and you can enjoy your company without any obstacles. Le Montana Club is a must-see place. If you are staying in Paris for a couple of days, don’t miss a chance to visit it.


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Matignon is a club that hosts the elite and is widely regarded as one of the best VIP nightclubs in Paris. This club is located both on the ground floor and underneath. Moreover, it also has a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy some of the finest dishes of French cuisine. It can be called both traditional and modern. tells us that tt was inspired by the “Bal du Siecle”. When it comes to the interior, you are going to find both beautiful armchairs and gold bullions in this place. Also, this club can transport you into an intimate and artistic atmosphere. Even though the city has some exceptional VIP nightclubs, a lot of guests don’t find the comfort and excitement that they found here.

The Baron Club

The last entry on this list of ours, “The Baron Club”, used to be an old hostess bar. Today, this is one of the most renowned and prominent nightclubs. Even though you might think that it is a place with a strict dress code, because of the name, you will be surprised to learn that this is a place for young people who would like to party until early hours. This club had an appearance in two popular movies “Les Petits Mouchoirs” and “L’amour dure Trois ans”. This is definitely the place you should check out if you are looking for an exclusive and fun night.

Last Thoughts

Paris is a really astonishing place. You should definitely visit it when you have the chance. You can have some great fun while you are in the city. We’ve provided you with some names of the most prominent VIP bars and nightclubs in Paris. It is all up to you now to go out and have some fun.