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There are many ways of getting high. With the overabundance of drugs, legal and illegal, out there, one can only imagine the possibilities. But, there are other ways of doing it, if you do not want to fill your body with drugs.

Gas Stove

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You can stick your head in a gas stove. The fumes from the gas can cause you to get high, but if you breathe in to much you can suffocate and die. It is best that you only take one moderately deep breath to accumulate this high.

Toilet Flush

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Putting you head upside down in a toilet and flushing it a few times can get you high. It is a combination of the blood rushing to your head and the holding of your breath so you don’t drown that makes this happen. I believe the kids that used to get picked on in school call this a swirly.

Choking Method

This is done by placing a sock or anything you can tighten around your neck and getting it as tight as possible. As the life releases from your body, you will feel a state of euphoria. But, don’t forget to loosen it up after you get to that state or you will ultimately die. This has also been known to be used during a sexual act because some people like combination of the two sensations together.

Dog Pee

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If you drink fresh dog urine then you will projectile vomit and that will get you high. This has also been discovered to prevent heart attacks. So, if you want to stay “healthy” and get high at the same time then this seems to be the way to go, albeit a disgusting way.

Raw Chicken

Eating raw chicken will get you high. Leaving the chicken out for three hours and eating it will give you salmonella poisoning and much live the drinking of the dog pee, you will projectile vomit causing a high.

Hot Sun

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Lying in the hot sun, without hydrating, from the morning to the evening will get you high. If the day is humid, then that is even better. The sun and heat will almost roast you and you will lose the moisture in your skin and system to the point of your head spinning. You might even need to be carried inside because you will be unable to walk.


The mantra chanting with deep breaths will get you high. This is a slower process, but you will get there and it is not against the law to create this high. If you do it in public, you may receive odd looks, but in the comfort of your home you can create the state of euphoria you desire.


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Standing in a windstorm will create a high. You have to be facing the direction of then wind and if it is raining, then that is even better yet. The wind will take your breath away and create a high. If there is no wind, then sign up to go skydiving, this will create the effect you are looking for.

Spinning Around

Remember when you were a child and you would spin around to get dizzy? This was your way of getting high without realizing it. The dizziness effect is a high that is achieved naturally and without any real harm done. So, start acting like a kid again and you will be able to achieve the high you are looking for.

I am sure that there are people out there that would like to get high and sustain it. I, in no way, condone the act of getting high, with or without the use of drugs or naturally.