If you still haven’t gotten on the wig trend, then it’s time to seriously bring your fashion A-game and test these waters. If you’re like me and are incredibly scared of damaging your hair, leading to you sticking with the same old hairstyle for years on end, then wigs are the perfect solution for you.

Rock any cut, any color, and any style with the right wig, and trust me, wigs aren’t as daunting as they look. All they require is a bit of practice and patience, and once you’ve got both, you’re good to go. Getting the hang of your wig and learning exactly what styles suit you best will lead to a place where you’re comfortable going out in a wig whenever you feel like it. You can shop now at the hair store.

And while most people are more than excited to try out a wig, they do have one big question: how do I wear one? Even though wigs have developed significantly, making them look more realistic and elegant than ever, there’s a certain art to wearing your wig just right. If you’re a new wig-wearer or just someone who wants to achieve that perfect look, then following these tried and tested tips will lead you down a path of wig-wearing success.

Here’s how to put on your wig the right way:

1. Prep and Flatten your Hair


The first step to wearing a wig is setting your natural hair. To make sure that your wig sits nicely on top of your head and not in a hill-like appearance, you need to make sure that your hair is set as flatly as possible on your head. Tested ways to achieve this are through arranging your hair in small and thin braids or twists, or slicking them back wither either mousse or gel to keep them flat and in place. Remember girl, the more evenly placed your hair is, the closer you are achieving wig perfection.

Once your hair is set, it’s time to prep. You got it, it’s wig cap time! It’s really up to you what wig cap you use, but for beginners a cap near to their skin tone is ideal. Not only will this require minimal touches, but it’ll also make the separation of the wig appear more natural.

2. Work some Makeup Magic

When we’re wearing a wig, the goal is often to get it to look as natural as possible. in pictures, real life, from afar – a wig that looks like it’s meant to be on your head is a wig that wins. And a crucial step in achieving the natural look is setting your wig cap with makeup.

Choose a powder that closely matches your natural skin tone and the color of your wig cap – this is particularly important if you choose a lace front wig. Gently apply a coat of powder – or two or three – to the front of your wig cap and onto your scalp, blending the area to make it look like one.

And while the type and brand of powder you choose are completely up to you, the best tip for making your choice is to select one that doesn’t oxidize and has a smooth application.

3. Place your Wig on your Head


This step seems simple, doesn’t it? Well, it sure requires some practice and patience. Start by gently taking your wig in your hand and finding its front. Once you’ve located the front of the wig, place it on your head, starting at the front.

Not only will this move in the direction that you’ve set your hair – whether arranged in twists or braids or slicked back – but it’ll also help you match the wig to the line of the wig cap and your applied makeup powder. In short, you should have a smooth and successful wig application in the first go.

4. Pick your Part

Once the wig is on your head, it’s time to set your part. Think about whether you want to go for a middle part look or a side part, and carefully arrange your wig in that manner. The best thing to use is your finders and a wide-toothed comb to avoid tangles.

Since a wig isn’t dead set in its parting, this is a great opportunity to be adventurous and try out a different part look – you never know what you might just fall in love with!

5. Secure your Wig


Depending on the type of wig you have, securing your wig will look like a different process. If you have a lace wig, then it’s time to take out the hairspray or wig glue – use a sufficient amount but remember not to overdo it as excess can ruin your wig and make the wig removal process a hassle.

If you have a non-wig lace, then you can simply tuck in the wig combs and secure it in place.

6. Lay Down their Hairs!

This is an optional step, but doing so will make your wig look all the more realistic. Either get a baby hair styler or use a regular fine comb and get to arranging your baby hairs

7. Apply Powder


Now that you’re finally done setting and arranging your wig, it’s time for the final step – applying powder to your chosen part. This is again another step to achieving that all-natural look and since it hardly takes a minute, I highly recommend doing it. You can use the same powder that you applied to your wig cap and choose a small, preferably angled brush to avoid getting powder on your wig.

8. Slay!

And voilà! You’re done! You’ve gone through the laborious process of putting on your wig, and now it’s time to slay your look You deserve it, girl, and be sure to grab those pictures!