Curly Hair Wigs enhance the entire appeal of the wearer. You can choose to wear it occasionally, or every day depending on your preferences. However, no matter whether you want to wear them daily or on some days, you will have to take good care to make them last longer. With time, they will start to wear out and may not last long, as expected. If you own curly wigs, know that they will need special care, unlike the straight ones. Just as curly hair needs additional care, wavy wigs are no less.

When you learn to take care of your curly wig, you will not have to throw them away once they get tangled or frizzy. However, always make sure to buy high-quality products to ensure that they do not get tangled every now and then. For more information visit here.

Without further ado, let us get started with a few tips that will help you keep your curly wig in adequate condition for a long time.

1. Do Not Wash Your Wig Quite Often

Wigs may look like your natural hair but they are quite far from it. They do not need to be washed as often as your own hair and thus, make sure to wash it sparingly. Washing them within a few weeks’ intervals is recommended.

Also, do not keep them unwashed for over a month. This is because, no matter how often or how little you wear it, dirt and oil can easily build up in the hair and that might cause it to lose its luster.

To wash them, fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of shampoo to it. Give the water a swirl and you will soon notice the formation of heavy foam. Now soak your wig in this water for about five minutes.

Next, rub the hairs softly with your finger and detangle the knots, if any. Then take it out and dry it using a towel. You can use a towel to pat dry the wig. However, make sure not to rub the towel on the strands as it may cause it to lose the curls.

2. Use A Detangling Conditioner

If your curly wig hair often gets dry, frizzy, and tangled, make sure to use a detangling conditioner after you are done washing it. This conditioner not only helps to restore the moisture content but also provides a protective coat to the hair and thus safeguards it from any heat damage.

Also, make sure to use heat products only if your wig is entirely made out of human hair. You must ask the buyer about the materials used to make it or you can check the same on the packaging box. If it is made out of artificial hair, using heat products can lead to adverse consequences.

For new type v part wig, do not comb often on your and use some conditioner to keep its wavy style.

3. Moisturize Adequately


Moisturization is crucial, may it be hair or skin. To keep your curly wig in good condition and to help them last longer, you should use a good and high-quality moisturizer on it. You can also choose to apply a mixture of glycerin and water to your curly wig so that it retains moisture.

Pay attention while brushing as well. Always, use a wide-toothed comb to defrizz your wig or style it the way you want.

After conditioning, do not forget to comb it, to ensure that there are no tangles in your wig. Moisturizing your wig should be a daily practice, no matter if you are wearing it daily or not.

Moisturising and combing the hair will keep it free from tangles at all times. If you don’t do this step regularly, your wig may end up getting tangled to a great extent.

4. Comb Gently

Make sure to gently comb your curly hair wigs at regular intervals. They are prone to getting dry and frizzy and if not combed for a long time, you might encounter hair breakage. Try to be as gentle as possible while combing the wig hair. It will ensure that your curly wig stays wavy.

However, once the hair gets tangled beyond a certain extent, do not comb through them roughly to detangle the knots. This leads to the loss of curls and hence, this method is not advised. In such a scenario, you can opt for a deep conditioning treatment, which is our next step.

5. Get A Deep Conditioning Treatment Done


In case, the strands have become tangled to a great extent opt for a deep conditioning treatment. For that, all you need to do is apply a detangling conditioner thoroughly in the strands to keep it fully saturated. Next, pop it into a microwave and heat it for 48 seconds.

Remember not to microwave it beyond 48 seconds. Even if the hair does not feel warm when touched, do not heat it beyond the prescribed time otherwise the gel present inside it may start to melt. This method will make your curly hair wig wavy within seconds.

6. Stop Using Too Many Styling Products

Even if it is a wig, you should refrain from using too many styling products on it. They damage your natural hair and thus can impact your wigs too. Hence, if you are using styling products on this hair, ensure not to overdo, if you want them to last long.

Remember, waves are a pattern and not the texture of your hair. Styling products will impact the texture, and as a result, the pattern will get disrupted too.

Also, don’t style your wig in such a way that the wavy pattern is lost. Some waves are thin and fine, whereas others are thick and coarse. Style your wig keeping the pattern in mind, so that the originality is lost.

7. Use Products Suggested for Curly Wigs


Frizziness and dryness are more or less the same things, and you should know that when your hair is dry, it will appear frizzy. At times your wig becomes dry when you are using the wrong shampoo. Hence, we recommend always consulting the place from where you are buying your wig about the shampoo that you should use. They may recommend looking for shampoos that don’t contain certain ingredients.

Final Word

Curly hair is quite difficult to manage and ensuring that it stays wavy is a challenge. However, with the help of the steps mentioned above, you can easily achieve your goal.

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