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Your car is one of those valuable things that you just can’t carry around. When you travel, either with your car or without it you should always consider a lot of things for when you leave it. Even if you’re just out for a couple of hours there are some safety precautions that should be practiced to avoid any untoward events.

Here are some things that you can do when you leave your car:

1. Park it in a secured area


This is one of the most important things to consider when you leave your car. You’d always want to leave your car in a place where you’re confident that it will be safe and secure. Parkos understands that need, especially for people who travel a lot and would always encounter a problem of leaving their car.

Parking space providers offer that service and it’ll add value to their service if you’ll be informed well ahead of time of their rates, location and if an early booking is possible. Some people would opt to leave their cars at home when they go away, but some would like to have it nearby when they return.

2. Use windshield sunshade

This is very useful against extreme heat. Even if you’re just out for a quick trip to the grocery high temperatures will make the interior of your car unbearably hot.

This shade can be placed against the windshield inside and the side with the reflective surface is placed facing outward. This is to deflect the light and the high temperature it brings about. This can protect your things inside from sun damage or damages from heat.

3. Use a car cover


This will save you the time and effort to clear your car of dust when you come back. This is especially true in places where there is a lot of dirt or debris. This is also useful if your car is parked outside and you don’t want it to get wet with rain.

4. Secure valuables inside the car

If you are able to bring your valuables with you, take it with you when you leave your car. You don’t want to lose those items along with your car. Also, it is also advisable to have a safe inside the car if you just can’t take some of your valuable items with you.

5. Check Tire Pressure


We sometimes do not think about our car’s tires when we leave them. But it is important to consider them, especially if they’ll be left unused for a long time. Before you leave on your trip, check the pressure gauge on your tires to make sure they are at optimum level.

This will prevent the tire walls from cracking and you coming home with flat tires. You can also consider taking the wheels off. This way, you won’t have deformed wheels because the weight of the car is centered on one spot for a long time.

6. Take out the Battery

If you’re going to be out for a month or more, it is advisable to remove the battery from the car. Batteries can drain out over time especially if you don’t maintain them and left out to unfavorable environments. So it is best to store your battery in a cool, dry place indoors and put some grease or petroleum jelly on the terminals. Also, charge them before you take them out.

Here are some things that you should NOT do or avoid when you leave your car:

1. Do Not Leave pets in the car


Don’t leave your pets in the car, especially when it’s really hot. Even if you crack the window open, the temperature inside the car will always be significantly higher than outside.

2. Avoid Leaving food in the car

This will just invite pests to live inside your vehicle. It’s not only messy, but unsanitary as well.

3. Avoid Keeping the hand brake engaged


You can engage the hand brake if you’re idling or parking for a short time. However, it isn’t advisable to leave it engaged for hours on end. This can cause the brake pads to get stuck to the braking discs or drum.

4. Do Not Leave it out of gas

It’s advisable to leave your car “full tank” when you go away. This will prevent moisture from forming inside your fuel tank and damage the tank as well as mix water with the fuel. You should also keep the cap tightly locked so that the gas won’t evaporate easily.

5. Do Not Leave Plastic Bottles and Canisters


We may often overlook taking plastic bottles and canisters out of the car when we go out. But it is important to not leave them behind, especially under hot weather. Plastics won’t only melt and warp, but the melted material will get into the liquid inside.

Canisters like deodorants, spray paint, or hair products are pressurized so they shouldn’t be left inside a car when it’s hot. They also have warnings at the back about safe temperatures.

6. Do Not Leave Your Car In A Dirty Garage

You may have cleaned your car inside and out, you may have put protective wax and covered it for good measure. But if your garage is dirty, you’ll be attracting unwanted guests and may mess up your car in some ways.

Rodents and other animals may chew through your car cover and may make themselves comfortable in the niches and corners of your car. So make sure to clean your garage thoroughly and secure tiny spaces where little critters can get into.

After a long vacation, you’ll always want your things to be as you left them. Your car will experience some adverse effects if you leave them neglectfully. It will be an inconvenience if you come home and find that your car no longer works or there are damages to it.

A responsible traveler does not only think about the things he’ll bring but also the things he’ll leave behind when he goes on a trip.