Binge-watching. What do you associate with this expression?

It`s a behavioral tendency of today’s generation to watch a TV show’s episodes in a continuous succession i.e., back to back without a break. It has become a part of the current cultural scene. Everyone who’s anyone is addicted to binge-watching, irrespective of time and place.

Whether it’s the cozy bed in the middle of the night or a plushy workplace chair on the afternoon break, people prop up their digital devices, connect to the digital channels like Netflix or Hulu and stream away from their favorite shows. All for the entertainment value that these TV shows provide.

Now, there are thousands of TV shows out there, with new ones being added to the list as we speak. There is so much content that sometimes you feel overwhelmed and give yourself a break. Sometimes, you need to retrace your steps and visit some old shows which have become a fond part of your memory.

Sometimes, you just need to relive an experience. For this purpose, I suggest that you re-watch the following ever-popular TV shows, which will give you that warm feeling of nostalgia. You might even chance upon some plot twist or a hidden gem that you might have missed on the first turn.

7Game of Thrones (2011-present)


The fight for ultimate power is an eternal one. Still, here, in this series, it is shown as a tactful duel between two outstanding families across the seven kingdoms of Westeros, placing one bloody move after another to gain complete control of the throne.

In this overarching battle, certain thematic features can be seen rising on the scene with each season, which collectively shape the story arc. Such features are the revival of the Targaryen name by the dragon queen, the grand North unification, and, most importantly, the siege of the undead White Walkers, leading to the foretold war between fire and ice.

To understand the plot of this show completely, you need to familiarize yourself with each alliance and deceit, which can only be done if you revisit it on HBO Go, using your Cox cable TV connection, which you can get from here. And no, it won’t get boring. There are enough side-stories to keep your attention completely.

6Mad Men (2007-2015)


This show is set in the golden era of the American 1960s, capturing the boom of the metropolitan advertising agencies and the rising popularity of roadside billboards. It depicts the tricky world of business and the precarious power balance that holds it up.

We follow the life of the expert advertiser, Don Draper, as he drapes the truth in lies and lies in the folds of reality because that’s what the high-pressure world of advertising demands. A lot of these hidden subtleties are presented in the form of the visual sequences, which might be challenging to catch on the first turn. Thus, the pressing need to re-watch the show as many times as possible.

5The Good Place (2016-present)


Suppose you come back home from a super-tiring day at the office, and you just want to relax. What do you seek? ‘The Good Place,’ after all. It is a comedy-drama centering on the afterlife of a slightly degenerate young woman, Eleanor Shellstrop.

On her death, she’s supposed to go to the ‘bad place,’ but she mistakenly finds herself in the ‘good place.’ With the help of her afterlife friends, she’s made to realize the error of her former ways and learn some new lessons.

The best thing about this show is that it is packed with a good number of puns, tricky foreshadows, and gutsy character twists, which get even better with each episode. Re-watching it will only give you more pun-tastic pleasure. It’s available on Netflix.

4The Americans (2013-2018)


The unique take of this sitcom on the crime genre is what makes it so accessible. It is staged during the cold war in the 1980s. Suspicion and paranoia slice the air, while the theme of appearance versus reality stands at its center.

The story goes like this: Two Russian super-spies are implanted on American soil and impersonate the typical suburban married couple with two kids. Their relationship has its ups and downs and with the arrival of a third party, specific changes start coming in.

What makes this sitcom, so re-watchable is the frequency with which the characters change their true colors. It’s hard to follow it up on one go. Catch this show on Amazon Prime, and you’ll not regret it.

330 Rock (2006-2013)


The satirical comedy of a tasteful nature is hard to find these days. Believe me! That is why I loved the comedy in the multiple award-winning sitcoms, 30 Rock. Each episode is packed with meta-jokes and visual gags that keep the viewer interested.

The series follows the story of a live sketch comedy show and its writer, Liz Lemon, who tries her best to chase her dream, all the while dealing with different sorts of quirky personalities introduced in her life. You can catch all the seasons of this show on Hulu.

2Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996-2003)


A story revolving around bloodthirsty demons or vampires is pretty attractive. I mean, just take a look at the modern-day series on the same theme, like The Vampire Diaries or True Blood, and check out their enormous following.

Dark and gothic stuff has an appeal all its own, after all. One such TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It came out in the 90s and followed the adventures of a young high-school girl, Buffy, who has been ordained with special powers to capture and kill vampires that roam free within human society.

With the help of her friends, she eliminates one monstrous threat after another. Sounds exhilarating, doesn’t it? That is precisely the reason why you should add it to your re-watchable playlist. It’s not just a simple slasher thriller. It has an element of romance to it as well. A love affair between the slayer and a vampire complicates matters.

1F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994-2004)


Everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while, right? Something to cheer you up. Let me present you with a scenario. Bob comes home from a tough day at the office, freshens up, orders a pizza and a coke, and cuddles up with his blanket and streams F.R.I.E.N.D.S on his TV.

This show is about a typical day in the lives of six friends, who ritualistically meet at a coffee house every afternoon and describe their problems to each other and find a way out of them together. The unique thing about this show is that it is so realistic that you can actually relate to it pretty well. Follow the ups and downs that come into play and entertain yourself thoroughly.

Catch the whole season on Netflix today. So, you know the next time you want to re-watch a TV show and re-establish your connection with it, be sure to consult this list.