Many people regard the perfect recliner as the ultimate luxury item. While some people prefer a single chair, nestled quietly in the corner of the living room, other people prefer to invest in recliner sofas, ensuring everyone can share in the comfort.

However, it’s worth pointing out that an electric lift chair is more than just a fancy recliner. Our style experts have compiled a few of the top reasons why every home will benefit from the dependability and comfort of a lift recliner.

Electric Lift Recliners—More Than Just Style

Electric lift recliners are designed to help lift users in and out of a seated position. This revolutionary feature has made it considerably easier for people with mobility issues to not only be comfortable but also stand up or sit down without too much effort.

If you’re considering a new recliner, here’s why you should consider an electric lift option.

Reduces Strain When Sitting and Standing


Sitting down or standing up out of a chair can be challenging for someone struggling with mobility such as the elderly, disabled, or anyone recovering from an injury. With this in mind, the electric lift chair was designed to minimize the strain caused by trying to stand up or sit down.

The chair is made up of strong electric motors that can lift you to a standing position, so there’s very little pressure on your legs, hips, and spine. The same is true when you need to sit up. Since the chair can be raised to “meet you halfway”, it makes it easier to sit down without risk of injury.

Aids Recovery

While you may not currently be injured, or recovering from surgery, investing in an electric recliner means you’ll be prepared if you ever find yourself needing to take it easy. Procedures are as simple as surgical sutures, leg or arm braces or even a cast can make standing up both difficult and painful.

By using the lifting mechanism, the user will be able to sit down and stand up without placing unnecessary strain on their body. Since these chairs are ergonomically designed, they’re also perfect for providing spine support. This is especially helpful if you’re recovering from a back or neck injury.

Promote Circulation

Whether or not you have mobility issues, the reality is that we can all benefit from better circulation. Different reclining positions make it easier to elevate your legs which in turn reduces swelling in your feet and ankles.

Healthcare experts suggest that elevating your feet to between 8.5 cm and 10 cm above your heart level is the best way to improve circulation. If done correctly, this position will also provide instant relief for people who spend the bulk of their day working in uncomfortable positions.

Provides Posture Support


Poor posture is among the top reasons why we inevitably suffer from stiff joints, neck pains and bad backs. Lift chairs, unlike regular chairs are gentle on our bodies and can reduce lower skeletal joint fatigue and eventual bone degeneration.

It’s also a good way to provide comfort and support to your body after a long day of hunching over a desk or sitting in uncomfortable vehicle seats. It gives a whole new meaning to the concept of putting your feet up and taking a load off.

Eliminates the Risk of Carer Injury

Many elderly or mobility-challenged people have temporary or permanent carers looking after them. Without an electric lift chair, the carer is at risk of injuring themselves when they’re trying to lift someone into or out of a chair.

With an electric lift chair, the chair does all the heavy lifting! The carer will just need to guide the other person, without risking injury to either party due to incorrect transfer techniques.

Comfortable Enough for Naps

Another stellar feature of electric lift chairs is that they can be set to zero-gravity. Typically, this position is perfect for sleeping and recovery in general, as circulation and breathing are improved.

This makes a lift chair ideal for naps or to lie in during recovery. There’s no need for an injured or recovering person to try and get out of a regular chair and then get to a bed only to try and lie down again. Simply get comfy in your chair!

Helps You Maintain Your Independence


In general, human beings prefer to be as independent as possible. And when we’re injured or recovering, the need for independence seems to be exaggerated. Simply put, we don’t like to ask for help doing simple tasks such as sitting down or standing up.

Fortunately, the electric lift chair makes it possible for a person with temporary or permanent mobility issues to stand up on their own. This can be very helpful in instances where there is no one else around to assist – this also means you don’t have to stay in bed all day if you’re recovering alone at home!

Final Thought

Electric lift chairs are not only stylish and luxurious looking, but they also have many other benefits that improve your overall health. Investing in a lift chair will ensure that you have support when you need it, and on other days it’s simply a wonderfully comfortable chair to relax in with a good book.