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Your living room need not have the most expensive furniture or appliances for it to stand out. You only have to make sure that your living room is presentable, clean, and clutter-free. It also won’t take too much of your time to keep unwanted things out of the way. You only need to organize and arrange your living room now and then to keep it looking satisfactory.

No need to get stressed because here are some tips to help you in having your living room organized. Read on.

1. Don’t use just your walls and floors for storage

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Using your wall as a storage area can only add to a cramp looking living room, the floors are also one of the disaster zones most especially if there are children around.

If you can shell out extra cash, a wall-climbing cabinet can also be your option for storage. You can have it installed in the most perfect spot in your living room so it will not take too much space but can still give you a lot of storage room. You may also opt for furniture that can double as storage at the same time.

2. Get Rid of Something

You should do decluttering to your living room even once a week if you are a busy person. Get a basket and then pick the clutter on the floor one by one. Everything that doesn’t belong there should be eliminated. If items are lying around in your living room such as a magazine or a gadget on the table, the best thing to do is to place them in a convenient spot so they will not be scattered around cluttering your living room.

3. Put Your Coffee Table to Work

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No need to fret, some people are just better at repurposing their furniture more than others. You can even see some who use old doors as a dining table or even coffee tables. But if you have the extra cash, you may just purchase this one. There is available furniture in the market which are stylish and can be used for other purposes. These coffee tables have either a slide or a hidden door that can open at a different angle to reveal the storage area underneath or on the side. You can use this to keep things in its proper places such as magazines, small toys, remote controls, and such.

4. Add Some Baskets. Baskets have a myriad of purposes

They provide style in any space and is also an option to keep your space organized. If you have shelves in your living room, you can add a row of baskets on each shelf. You can put extra pillows in or reading materials, and other stuff it also helps in tidying the place up. Baskets can also be placed under the table and can also hold up many items inside.

5. Invest in an ottoman that does double duty

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Ottoman can be a coffee table, can be an extra seating when you have guests, and can be a resting tool for your feet. Ottomans now also have built-in storage to keep smaller items in or reading materials, toys, and other files. You can also have your ottoman customized where you can pick the color patterns, and print and shape according to your preference. Or you can buy it in the online shop where you have a wide assortment.

6. A table that closes to create more space

Since double-duty furniture is popular nowadays, you may like to invest in a table that you can either open or close if the need arises. When there is not much activity in the living room, you can have it closed to create extra space. Your living area will look larger by doing so.

7. Use the extra space at the bottom of your sofa to create a low-profile storage area

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You can have a rolling table that can be at a certain height so it can slide in and out from under your sofa. You can use this storage to keep books, slide it out to get the remote, slide it in to keep sofa blankets out of the way.

8. The entertainment center is not for your modern and sleek TVs alone

It can also serve many purposes. It can also hold boxes of different sizes or basket where electronic components can be stored. Video games, books, and other collectibles can find their way here.
It is not an easy task sometimes to find the right entertainment center for you, but if you will read this article it will be a much simpler task.

9. Anything in your living room that is collecting dust and hogging the space should be removed

An old vase that hasn’t seen fresh flowers in a decade and it is just there miserable in the middle of your living room. Best to get rid of this as it is not giving you any service at all.

10. Get rid of faux flowers

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Newly bought fake plants and flowers are beautiful because of the color that pops any space you place it in. The thing is faux flowers’ color fades after months and years of use. It doesn’t improve the place anymore besides collecting dust. You may opt for natural flowers as it adds more life and color to your space.

Why is it important to Organize Your Living Room?

Relaxing. Organizing itself is relaxing to anyone, as you clean your space one by one, this gives you a feeling of fulfillment seeing what you have done to improve and unclutter the space.

Lessens your stress. Clutter alone can cause you too much stress. Arriving home after a long day at work only to see an unorganized living room or house can take its toll on anyone. But seeing a clean, clutter-free and organized home can perk anyone up. It causes anyone to feel calm and stress-free.

It gives off positive energy. When you follow certain arrangements in the living room and remove unfavorable things (in your whole house), you attract positive energy. Seeing beauty every day creates a sense of peace in you and you attract positive things and good fortune.

Saves you time. Having a living room full of clutter that you can’t even find your key or you can’t even find the remote when you need it will kill time. But when you have the important things in the right place and all is in order, you don’t have to make an effort to find them.

Safety. Things that are lying around the living room can also be a hazard. If there are toys where you can trip or anything that can make you slide will be a danger not only to you but to anyone else in the house. Electrical outlets and cords are also safety hazards in the living room and should be taped and kept out of sight.