When it comes to your wedding, wedding cards are the tools we use to invite people to the most important day of our lives. But when it comes to cards, you have a phenomenal amount of choices out there to design your wedding invitations the way you see fit.

When it comes to designing an invitation, the style should capture the essence of the wedding you want to have, whether that be a beachside wedding, a barn, or even a luxurious island destination on the Caribbean.

It’s 2019 and wedding card trends are slowly exploding on the internet. If you’re having a hard time figuring out the best-looking wedding card style and design, fear not as we’ve done our research and have you covered.

So stick around as we’re going to give a top 6 list of the best looking wedding cards.



Watercolor invitations were the first trend to go off when it comes to wedding cards in 2019. They represent gracefulness, elegance, and artistic freedom.

A watercolor wedding card is the best way to substitute the boringness of floral borders and motifs through the use of fine color schemes. When it comes to choosing a watercolor wedding card, you can eighter go for an abstract watercolor paint splash or a watercolor of the venue itself.



It’s safe to say that pictures paint a thousand words, and that’s exactly what a landscape design offers to your wedding card. We noticed these types of wedding invitations from multiple YouTubers.

These wedding cards can have skylines that have personal meaning, or it could be the venue of the wedding itself portrait from a landscape point of view.



When it comes to taking examples from celebrities, TheWeddingCardsOnline has hit the nail on its head for the most trendy wedding card invitation design. Namely, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria had monogrammed wallpaper as their wedding cards, and we can all agree that it was a sound decision. Monogram design is perfect for adding a bit of personality all the while maintaining a simplistic and classy design.



A crest design is a true way of showing how much you love each other. If monograms offer a personal touch, then why not go one step further and get a crest made up that symbolizes both of your personalities and your entire love story?



Geometric wedding cards might not be as romantic as the rest of the wedding card designs, but they are soaring in popularity recently.

Regardless of the shape, whether that be striking hexagonal borders or some other shape, a geometric pattern-style wedding card is an excellent choice for a modern-day wedding. They are different than most wedding cards because they are new and edgy.



A minimalistic design will always be a safe option; one that offers a touch of class. It’s 2019 and minimalistic wedding card designs are still a great way to invite the people you love the most to the most special day of your life. However, in order for this design to work, you have to choose paper of the highest quality to make the right impression.