Sunday is basically considered as a good time to relax, still, as a Christian, you probably go to church every Sunday. Sunday lasts for a couple of hours and after this couple of hours, you will be not able to enjoy your weekend.

When you are thinking to look you best by putting a good outfit and accessorizing in such a way, what can showcase your style, then don’t forget to do it with caution.

Some churches are welcoming and they don’t pay attention to your outward appearance,  and some churches have an unspoken dress code that their members maintain.

Whatever the dress code may be of any church, but you need to reflect your personality with decent moderate outfits which place emphasis on your outward appearance. Here are some tips that can ensure you to reflect your personality with the suit that you wear in the church to showcase your style.

1Do not express yourself too much

When you are choosing your Sunday outfit, you need to remember a saying ‘ more is less’. Your Sunday outfit should be stylish and moderate as well as it needs to be constructed in such a way that wouldn’t keep everyone’s eyes staring at you and thinking that where the other half of your clothes has gone.

In that case, you should choose clothing which does not reveal your cleavage and too much of your arm. Try to choose a skirt or trousers which is presentable in such a place.



Try to maintain a properly beat face which will not make everyone to stare at you and this is called ‘church appropriate’ makeup. You may not find an exact definition of ‘church appropriate’ makeup, basically, it refers to the modest what goes right with the DesignerChurchSuits.

You should do the makeup in such a way that is not too flashy but good enough to look you flawless.  You may tone down on the contouring and highlighting and instead focus more on skin work.


Accessories are one of the important parts which can make or break your outfit. When you are choosing matching shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories, then pay attention to how these accessories complement your outfit. In that case, color plays an important role. Try to focus on accessorizing in the right way.

4Pay attention to choosing a comfortable shoe


For any particular time, church services may go on longer, so you need to be prepared to stay longer. In that case, choose clothing which is comfortable. In that case, very high heeled shoes may not be the best option. You can find many low heeled shoes that go right with every outfit.

Sunday dresses can be more complex because this is involved with the rules and dress codes. Here these tips will help you to choose an outfit that can express how stylish you are. Keep these in your mind, and shop for the most perfect outfit.