The planet Earth looks like a creepy place for living. You can hear many spooky stories about different places, people, cases, etc.

People like and don’t like it when they hear or read this sort of story at the same time. It scares them, but it also fascinates them when something is mysterious and strange. By the way, Mysterious Heartland is a collector of strange cases and unexplained things. It is a perfect place for fans of supernatural and crime stories.

Anyway, we think that each state in the world has at least one well-known creepy place. Yet, some of them were too attractive to people from all over the globe and became popular worldwide. Some of them were even the subject of many horror movies.
Let’s find them out together.

10Bran Castle (Romania)


Have you ever heard about lord Dracula? Well, the Bran Castle is also known as “Dracula’s Castle”. It is one of the national monuments and landmarks in Romania. It is currently located in Transylvania, the region that is connected with many stories about vampires. This castle is the main reason why this region is connected with them.

9Village of Nagoro (Japan)


If you remain childish and you are a big fan of toys, this place might change that. Nagoro is a place that has a quite low youth-retention rate. For instance, the artist Ayano Tsukimi moved back to the hometown because she wanted to find the lessened local population.

Yet, something that she did in response is creepy for most people. She designed life-size dolls because she wanted to bring new energy to the village. More precisely, there are 350 toy citizens in Nagoro Village.

8Gate to Hell (Turkmenistan)


You have probably heard many stories about the door that leads to hell. Well, this place might be the location everyone is trying to find. Some people will also call it “Door to Hell”. It is actually a crater that was a result of the natural gas field collapse. Still, many people are afraid to come here because it looks creepy.

7Chernobyl (Ukraine)


This place is probably the creepiest one of the list. You have probably heard about the nuclear catastrophe that happened in this region in 1986. Besides that, many documentaries and a couple of TV show episodes were published about this accident.

Still, did you know that no one lives there since the accident happened? Yes, it is a restricted zone. There is no single human being. Because of that, many people will tell you that God left this place.

6Aokigahara (Japan)


This place was attractive for movie producers and creators as well. You can find two additional names for this place – “Sea of Trees” (which is the nicer one, btw), and “Suicide Forest”. It is located near Japan’s mountain – Fuji. Believe it or not, between 50 and 100 people commit suicide in this forest. Unfortunately, most of those people were young.

5Island of the Dolls (Mexico)


We are not sure why many creepy places are connected with dolls in some ways. Yet, the island near Mexico City is one of the creepiest “doll destinations”. Still, it is important to mention that this island is attractive to tourists. As we said, visiting spooky places can be a sort of challenge for people.

Anyway, according to local legend, the only occupant of the island found a drowned girl in the canal. However, near her, there was also a small doll. After that, he started to hang dolls around the entire island.

No one exactly knows why he was doing that. Some people say that he wanted to show respect for the dead child. However, other local citizens say that he did that because he wanted to ward off any nefarious spirits. Currently, there are a few thousand dolls strung among the trees.

P.S. Visitors will only be able to access the island by boat.

4Centralia (United States)


The USA is a large country with a lot of spooky places. Still, one that attracts people the most is Centralia, a near-ghost town in a mining area of Pennsylvania. This part of the world is almost empty since 1962.

However, the reason is different. This area has dangerous underground fires. Many people know them as Centralia mine fire. Still, believe it or not, some people live in this place. They were brave (or not so clever) enough to stay living among the noxious fumes.

3Hanging Coffins of Sagada (Philippines)


This is a place full of coffins and it extremely spooky. More precisely, it was a place where the ancient funerals were happening. The coffins were attached to rock faces or within caves in the face of cliffs. Still, the placement and position of all coffins were not the same. It depended on the status that a person had in society.

Believe it or not, people from Sagada were practicing this sort of burials for more than 2 millennia.

2The Stanley Hotel (United States)


Well, hotels were always some sort of inspiration for horror movies. This one is not different from others. More precisely The Stanley Hotel is associated with ghost haunting and paranormal activities. The historical place in the history of Estes Park became irrelevant compared to these spooky stories.

Anyway, it is located in Colorado and it has 142 rooms. It was an inspiration for Stephen King’s Overlook Hotel in “The Shining” movie.

1Moundsville Penitentiary (West Virginia)


Believe it or not, around 100 inmates died in this Gothic style prison. Logically, some of them died of natural causes. Still, some prisoners died from inmate violence. The prison could house 500 inmates. Still, after 30 years, the number of people there are 2400.
This building is one of the most famous ghost-haunted locations. One of the most popular ghosts from Moundsville is Shadow Man. Many visitors of this place claim that they have seen it.

According to some local stories, this man was stabbed to death by the other prisoners in the basement of the prison. They did that because he was snitching to prison guards about the illegal activities of his inmates.

P.S. The tours begin after sunset.