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Everyone is looking for a magic formula and the answer to the question “How to gamble”, and when Internet gambling is now available, it becomes clear that you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules and tips for successful gambling on the Internet. There are a few things you need to know and a few tips to follow before deciding where to pay your money. which online casino or gaming site to choose.

Today they are much easier, faster and cheaper to open and put into operation, and for that reason, we will certainly not be wrong to say that there are more than 1000 casinos on the internet today. Read our tips and then you will know how to evaluate where you should start playing and where to do it safely.

How to choose the right gambling place?

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To begin with, it is very important to choose the right place. And that’s a pretty simple step. If you are interested in a not-so-proven online casino, pay attention and first of all read the terms and conditions before you open an account and deposit money. Before you start the game, do a little search on the internet to find out more and maybe read the experiences and warnings of the players, and if there are any complaints.

Look for proof that it has been checked by the player protection agencies. If all this is unclear and confusing, we recommend that you give up, because safe online casinos have clear rules and have nothing hidden or unclear. Also avoid ones that have poor graphics and poor translation, payout restrictions, unknown games, and unknown licenses. Unrealistically large welcome bonuses also do not inspire confidence. For example, online casinos such as Wunderino offers 100% bonus for first deposit. For more information click here. However, this does not mean that you should be afraid of a welcome bonus, but always read the terms and conditions first.

I know where I want to play – now what?

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Once you’ve chosen a safe option, like, the next step is to open an account, which is really easy. It is important that your personal information you enter is accurate, in order to verify your account every time you withdraw money. Of course, don’t forget your username and password, so either remember it or write it down well. There is no difference compared to opening any other internet account.


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After familiarizing yourself with the website, trying out free games, reading reviews, terms and conditions and agreeing to them, and finally opening an account to play and win money, in most cases you have to pay money. Paying money at an online casino is much easier than most new players think, and only after this step can one talk about gambling on the Internet. Almost every serious online casino offers you a large number of payment methods. All transactions are very secure and meet all the requirements as well as online banking, ie internet banks. Payment and payment methods may also vary from country to country, but the most basic types of payments and payments are:

Visa and MasterCard – Every online casino receives almost all types of credit and debit cards. Due to the law, some countries may have a problem making a payment through a bank that issued Visa or MasterCard, so we recommend that you try another bank or other solutions.

-E-wallet, ie electronic wallets / virtual bank accounts (something similar to PayPal) where you mainly use your email address. The most popular are Moneybookers or Skrill, Neteller, EcoCard, WebMoney. Also instant payment.

-Prepaid cards and prepaid vouchers. It works by typing the code from the voucher in the payment section. As with the above, instant payments

-Bank Transfer – If you are unable to use the above methods, you can transfer money from your foreign currency account to a gambling account. This method is popular in countries where it is sometimes a problem to deposit at an online casino. With the bank transfer method, it sometimes takes up to 7 business days for the money to “deposit” into your gaming account

-There are also payments via phone, SMS, bitcoin, but they are not as represented as the first four methods we have listed

What we would like to emphasize is that the payment method (Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller) should be in your name, and in no way use the accounts from friends or family, because you run the risk of not being paid!

Bonuses – yes or no?

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Our advice is to first read the terms and conditions and understand what is required. But we definitely recommend that you take the welcome bonus to play longer and have more fun. However, if you decide not to take a payout bonus, you do not have a spin condition, but if you win a big win after a couple of spins, you can pay it off immediately.

How will the money you win be paid to you?

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Suppose you have paid a certain amount of money, taken a bonus and fulfilled all the requirements. Now is the time to pay off, which was certainly the goal of your game. The way you make the money, and in most cases, will be the way you receive the payment. In the event that the winnings are huge, most casinos will ask that you pay directly into your bank account. It often happens that at the first payment, they require you to verify your account and your identity, ie. the information you have entered. Many players think that casinos only require this in order not to cash out, but they are wrong.

This is the standard procedure to prevent money laundering. Just as you want to protect yourself and make sure that the online casino where you play is a safe and proper place and that you will not be cheated, so the casino wants to make sure and know that you are a real player and not a cheater or bot.

Verification documents are generally only requested once to ensure that the casino is not a bot and that you are correct with the information you have entered. You will receive instructions from the casino on what documents are required to verify your account and how to submit them, and this is generally sent via email or directly inserted into the site. Never send copies of your documents by regular mail!


If you know your limits and approach gambling in a responsible way, playing for real money can be very fun and exciting. Be responsible for yourself and your loved ones. Gambling responsibly because gambling can cause addiction. And don’t forget to enjoy playing online casino games!