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The emergence of new technologies in our workplaces is beautifying. Their outlook is from a makeup set not seen in a while. These leading technologies are handing over gift baskets full of chatbots, robotics, natural language processing, and more.

Moreover, they are not holding back the promises of reducing opportunities costs, creating efficiencies patterns, and enhancing the customers’ experience. The viability of these technological strides is already making progress in robotic companies like Rozum Robotics; visit this website to witness this working proof of concept.

These technologies are already creating an altercation in some human-dependent tasks. They are changing and creating new adaptations to our working patterns. The humans are now able to venture in more unique and better-adapted responsibilities.

They are creating a world where humans can focus on being better humans and not accustomed to a robotic mindset. Thus the humans have the opportunity to be more emotional and creative according to the specs of their creation.

At the same time, robots embrace their efficiency in manipulating the technical aspects of life. In short, we have a coin toss that always results in a stalemate, no matter the infinite number of flips sent into the mid-air. The merge of technicality and creativity to yield a perfected outcome. Hence we arrive at the order of today’s business that this well-informed article is trying to lure into our mindsets, a resume hack.

If you are a tech professional or soon-to-be professional with some technological genes spurring up in you, then your mindset should be in preparation mode. You should already be thinking of six career-defining trends in the tech industry as potential inclusions to your resume.

Natural Language Processing

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The term natural language selection entails a machine’s capability to ‘read’ a language in the same manner and technique as an intelligent human being. It is not just about reading and pronouncing technical terms, for we have screen readers that prosper well under this segment.

The machine can understand the ingested information and then take a logical action that best suits the scenario. Its applicability in everyday tasks will help businesses figure out how it can innovate and merge in their daily processes. Communication barriers prone to exist between customers and companies can be solvable through the conversational interfaces this technology has to offer.

Thus stamping down the language barrier issues opens doors to remote global business opportunities. Hence efficiency is met, and the targeted customer experience improvement surpasses the set expectations.

Computer Vision

You can think of computer vision as that entity within AI (Artificial Intelligence) that characterizes machines’ ability to ‘see’ and analyze presented visual data and then take decisive action regarding the visual input.

This skillset empowers the machines in identifying, verifying, classifying, and detecting objects with much better proficiency when the comparison includes humans. The reliance on computer vision is not a shy face in the industry as many health applications have and are already making a move.

Other industries embrace its applicability in autonomous vehicles, and also in manufacturing, finance, and the agriculture sector. The adoption of this technology by other incoming company profiles will create more tasks for the human workforce thanks to the altercations it is causing on the market. So more employment opportunities for team human, hurray!


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How ready are you for a robotic co-worker? A co-worker that adheres to your unadaptable weird human routines without raising a complaining tone. Well, the industrial space is not new to this news. It already has a functional and durable bond with these robots.

However, the robots are not satisfied with a restriction to a single geography. They also want to integrate into the human homes and business world. Thus developing robots is a new venture for many businesses.

Moreover, human society stands to benefit the most from advancements, such as delivering products to senior citizens. Other additions are also workplace human assistants like collaborative robots or cobots whose support can be as a mechanical muscle or crunching data. Workplace robots prioritize safety and efficiency.

All it takes now is the universal approval of robotics open standards, and organizations and individuals will be able to narrate their innovative stories through robots developed and deployed. Amazon’s AWS Robomaker Platform is an example of a contributive open-source tool towards such realizations.

Autonomous Vehicles

Right now, a majority of the automobile manufacturers have an invested interest in self-driving technology. What the industry is waiting to see now is the level-five autonomous vehicles. These will be the self-driving automobiles with void human interventions.

The logistics and haulage industry will be among the first applicants into this fold. Thus the likes of Mercedes Benz’s Arocs semi-autonomous trucks are expected to be on highways transporting goods.

The current vehicle models are also set to feel the altercation autonomous technology brings. It is also a valid quote from experts that owning a family car in the near future will be a necessity ripped off by autonomous vehicles. Also, our daily commutes will additionally have to adhere to the self-driving taxi and ride-sharing services.

Extended Reality

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The umbrella term extended reality describes mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality as a set of immersive technologies. These technologies merge the virtual and physical worlds. This market’s 2024 target growth has a yield expectation of $209 billion.

The extended reality in businesses can be a practical application for offering customers with a trial version of a product before its purchase. Other industries can also apply it for training and marketing purposes.

However, its full-scale adoption will tag along with some challenges that need overcoming. They include hardware and technical issues, implementation costs, and privacy. Its transformation in the business world will gift us with numerous mainstream applications.

Smart Assistants and Chat Bots

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The online chatbots and smart assistants are familiarities in the internet platform. The mastery and understanding of our spoken language by the virtual smart assistants help us accomplish pending tasks.

They achieve this mileage by accessing online information, location awareness, and direct user input. Chatbots function as conversational agents. They have a similarity with virtual digital assistants due to their communicative and interactive prowess with humans.

Thus companies that use them can streamline their services, reduce the load of tasks assigned to the human personnel, and navigate the delivery of positive customer experience.

No seer can determine how all these potential unravellings will affect each one of us. But the impact of these augmented technologies is inevitable. Buckle up, for the technologically evolutionary journey has begun, and the driver, well, has a speeding ticket.