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A lot of people think of Dallas as a cowboy territory that is full of oil barons. This stereotype underestimates the beauty of this underrated city. Along with Fort Worth, Dallas is considered to be the most open-minded cosmopolitan city in the South. It also has a legendary reputation amid other American cities, thanks to the popular TV show with the same name.

After visiting this diverse city, you will soon come to learn that it lives up to the expectations. If you chose Dallas to be your next destination, then you should be aware of these 6 important points before you start packing your bags.

1. Traffic is a Daily Occurrence

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Many cities are considered walkable, but Dallas is, without a doubt, not one of them. It’s a pretty big city, so moving between places is going to require renting a car or getting familiar with public transportation. Unfortunately, the accident rate there is on the rise. Accidents happen more frequently than what we would like to believe and in some places more than others, and getting around in Dallas might be a bit hectic due to the constant traffic congestion. Dallas ranks as the top congested city in Texas.

This means that the probability of crashes is exceptionally high due to the huge number of cars that are flooding the city. The professional car accident lawyers at explain that traffic laws vary by state and understanding the laws in the city you are visiting is essential. This way you will better understand you right and ensure that you get full compensation for any physical injuries, emotional stress, and financial losses you might go through if you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a crash in Dallas.

2. The BBQ There is Everything

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You might have thought of yourself as not a big fan of BBQ, but this is all going to change once you taste real BBQ in Dallas, Texas. On the other hand, if you are already a BBQ lover who grew up on the East Coast, you will find that both BBQs are different. You see, in Dallas, people prefer to cook their meat slowly for long hours. They add special flavors with different herbs and wine. If you are planning a trip to Dallas, then tasting the BBQ should be on your top things-to-do list.

3. It’s Not That Expensive

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Dallas is known for how pricey and fancy it is, this reputation, however, might be a little overestimated. While Dallas might be more on the expensive side, but if you compare it to other places in America such as San Francisco or New York, you will find that you only need half the budget you would have needed for those places. However, you are still going to have to spend a little if you want to shop all day and party all night.

Travelers who prefer traveling on a limited budget can still enjoy Dallas if they set a smart spending plan. You can tailor your budget depending on the luxurious level you would want your accommodation and flight to be at. A lower budget per day in Dallas would range between $60 and $80; these are enough to secure a dorm bed, groceries, public transportation, and some extra cash for pocket money. If you are not tempted to eat out, you will find that the price for groceries is considered to be inexpensive according to the usual American standards.

4. The Art Scene is Vibrant

The Dallas Arts District allows you to experience a wide array of world-class arts, music, and theatre easily. You can visit the Dallas Museum of Art and explore every corner completely for free. Within the same district, if you aren’t a big fan of museums, you will still be able to enjoy catching a show in the one of a kind vertical theatre, the Wyly Theatre.

Deep Ellum has a rich art history; this neighborhood composition depends on different art and entertainment venues. By just walking around this neighborhood, you can indulge in the colorful murals and different street art that you will be surrounded by. Under any circumstances, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance of checking out the 42 Mural project, which consists of drawn murals on the walls of historic buildings all over Deep Ellum.

5. Dallas Has a Rich Nightlife

There isn’t any shortage of adventures after sunset. Even if you don’t want to go dancing or partying, you can still find many other activities to do. You can enjoy a karaoke night with the locals or a bunch of your friends; you might want to treat yourself to a cocktail party on rooftops, or you might be interested in checking the live music scene. You will find endless opportunities to see bands play live or artists’ performances. The best thing about Dallas is that it has small live music venues and big glitzy concert halls. These venues incorporate many local, national, and international artists and musicians.

6. Tornadoes Happen

If you are planning to visit Dallas in the spring, then you must be prepared for the rain. If you want perfect weather conditions, then you might want to postpone your trip for the summer or autumn. Also, tornadoes and flooding are pretty much a reality in Dallas. Thunderstorms are often created by clashes between the warm, moist air that comes from Mexico with the cold dry air coming from cold fronts.

There is a common saying in Texas that says, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes”. This indicates how extreme the weather can change in Dallas. The summer is normally hot and dry. The winter is considered to be mild for the most part, however, towards the end of it, it’s very much likely for the temperature to reach extreme lows below freezing.

From its interesting weather and perfect BBQ to its vibrant art scenes and exhilarating nightlife, Dallas should be on your to-visit list. However, the one thing you need to look out for is the constant traffic jam. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so take the time to read up about this cosmopolitan and diverse city so that you can be prepared for anything that might pop up.