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CBD oil has quickly exploded in popularity and it’s being added to dozens of different products. While there are more products and manufacturers than ever, this also creates a problem for new buyers who don’t know what separates good CBD from not so good CBD. Not all CBD products are made equal and this will help you determine which ones are best for your needs.

Certificate of Analysis

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Every good CBD product will have a Certificate of Analysis or COA. This proves that the CBD manufacturer sent their oil out for third-party testing to check for potency, heavy metals, microbes, and anything else that could negatively affect the oil. This ensures that the oil is clean and potent, which is exactly what you want.

Unlike some products, CBD oil producers aren’t legally mandated to perform third-party testing. This is an extra step done by the manufacturer simply because they care about their customers. Not only can you trust these products more, but you can also ensure that the oil is pure.

Know the Source

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Hemp must be sourced to create CBD oil. While the plants may look the same, the sourced location can have a significant impact on the quality of the plant. Hemp is basically a weed in that it sucks up all the nutrients it can from the surrounding area. This means it will suck up any heavy metals, pesticides, or other substances from the land.

Look for plants sourced from areas and farms known for quality agricultural practices. Any product should have information on where their plants are grown, look for farms focused on sustainable practices and organic methods. Local growers are best and especially those with certifications and other guarantees of high agricultural standards.

Extraction Method

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Oil extraction can be done in a few ways including using solvents that evaporate leaving the oil or a carrier oil along with heat until the CBD oil is separated from the plant and combines with the carrier oil. These methods are less expensive to execute and produce low-quality oils for a variety of reasons.

The much better method is Supercritical CO2 extraction. This clean process ensures you only get high-quality oil without any contaminants. While this method is more expensive for manufacturers, the best companies won’t mind putting in the extra work for their customers.

Packaging Considerations

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Unlike the other factors here that require a deep dive into the manufacturer’s processes, this one is easy to see. Carefully chosen packaging like glass tincture bottles is an indication of respect toward the product. Ill chose or ineffectual packaging is common with less reputable products and indicates corner-cutting at the company level. Pay attention to the oil container because this can have a large impact on quality and effectiveness over time. As CBD oil tinctures sit, the formula will eventually begin to degrade resulting in loss of potency and efficacy.

Glass containers are impermeable, which means the product will be protected from air and retain potency longer. Dark or amber colored glass containers also protect the oil from the damaging effects of sunlight. Since you typically administer a CBD oil tincture directly under your tongue or added to a drink or other consumable be aware that the taste can also be affected due to denaturing that occurs more rapidly in substandard containers. See an example of

CBD Oil or Hemp Oil

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CBD is produced from hemp, but that doesn’t mean that hemp oil is CBD oil. Some manufacturers sell hemp oil, which contains only trace amounts of CBD. True CBD oil is made by skilled manufacturers who know how to extract CBD from the hemp plant in the safest and most effective ways. Make sure that the container specifies that this is a CBD product. Some CBD products can also have a trace amount of THC and should be labeled as such. You should also check for CBD potency to see how much you’re getting.


While the sheer number of CBD companies (each with their own claims, processes, and product types) is vast you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, take a few simple steps to seek out answers to the above to help you sort it out. Remember not all CBD is created equal – there are plenty of companies popping up just to capitalize on the growing popularity of CBD oil. You must ensure that you choose a high-quality product that is sourced, extracted, and contained properly. If you take these extra steps, then you’ll quickly establish which companies are trustworthy and which are simply fly-by-night companies jumping on the bandwagon. You shouldn’t miss out on the health benefits of CBD just because of the flood of products currently on the market – a little research and you are on your way to improved health and wellbeing with superior quality, hemp-derived CBD oil product.