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Is there a person on this planet that would not travel actively? We all have many duties at work and home and we constantly feel too tired. Despite that, organizing a trip to a current location is not something that every person on this planet can afford. An average family in the world has the opportunity to travel maximally twice per year. Because of that, it is crucial to pick the right destination and fully enjoy your holiday.

However, how to pick the right destination when there are millions of them? We agree that this can be a tough challenge. It is especially tough if people that you travel with have a different vision of the trip. Logically, we all have different tastes and expectations. Well, we are here to help you and the people around you with some directions. Our recommendation is to visit the east coast because of the many amazing things that you can see there.

However, before we start with the list, we need to say one thing. There are some essentials that you need to bring to make your trip easier. We won’t number those items there because the list would be long. However, we recommend you make the checklist and visit 10boars to see which items are the best ones you can purchase.
Now, let’s see which amazing east coast road trips you need to take.

Portland Head Light

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Well, if you never heard about this lighthouse, we do believe that you have seen it so far. It is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. There is a big chance you have seen it on social media.

Anyway, the Portland Head Lighthouse was lit for the first time on January 10, 1791. You will have the chance to walk along the amazing shores of Fort Williams Park. There you will get amazed by the views that are waiting for you. Additionally, you can visit the museum that is stated in the former keepers’ house. There you will have the chance to improve your history knowledge and enjoy the beautiful structures.

The Witch House

Well, this is one of the places where you can get introduced to the history of this part of the world. You will have the chance to get back to the 17th century. The Salem town in

Massachusetts simply allows you that

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This house was once the property of Jonathan Corwin. It was the judge who served during the Salem Witch Trials. In that period, he sent 19 people to the gallows. Many years later, his house is the only building that is somehow connected with the event that happened in 1692. In other words, we can say this is a unique place that you won’t have the chance to see anywhere else.

Newport Mansions

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People that need a Downton Abbey fix should visit Newport’s famous mansions. Many years ago, these mansions served as homes for New York’s high society. However, you are not going to research the mansions on your hand. We believe that would be less entertaining. Instead, you should attend the tours that are organized by the Preservation Society of Newport Country. You will get the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful homes of that time.

New York Botanical Gardens

Well, this place would be a perfect choice for people that are nature lovers. Still, as you know, New York City is not the place where you can see a lot of trees and flowers. Yet, if you plan to avoid the hustle of this town, we recommend you take a nature road trip to this place.

Believe it or not, this botanical garden is the largest one in the entire country. The size of the garden is around 250 acres. We do not recommend you come here during the winter. It would be a much better choice to take a road trip during the spring. In that period, you will have a chance to see more than 200 cherry blossom trees. We assume you didn’t have a chance to see something like that in one place so far.

National Constitution Center

Okay, this destination might be a better choice for people that plan to take a road trip with their family. It is a beautiful place for families that are fans of the latest musical sensation Hamilton. Here, you can see the entire history behind this sensation.

There are a couple of ways how the National Constitutional Center brings the US Constitution to life. They do that by leadership talks, interactive exhibits, and many other things. Don’t forget to visit some historical landmarks like Independence Hall and Liberty Bell. There are many things that you can see there.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Who says that the capital city of the United States does not have attractive places for a road trip? The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is the place that you must visit on the east coast. Besides that, this zoo is always free of charge which is a good thing for people that have a limited budget.

So, why should animal lovers come here?

There are more than 1500 animals across 300 species in one place. This zoo is located in the heart of Rock Creek Park. Despite that, it is a perfect choice for people that are willing to get out of the crowds and find peace.

King Street

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However, if the crowds are not a problem for you, then King Street in Alexandria is the place you should visit. This is the place that George Washington once called home. Here you can taste the most delicious specialties in the local restaurants. It is also a great place for people that plan to go shopping. There are many boutiques where you can find pieces of wardrobe from different brands.

Union Point Park

This is another place where you can try out delicious food and visit tiny boutiques. Despite that, you can also find out more about American culture in one place.
There is one thing that we would want to add. It is a great place for people that plan to camp. You will find a lot of tents in one place. Yet, if that’s not the case, you can always sit and relax on the park benches.