Times are tight, so you need to get creative. Maybe you can’t afford a new appliance or piece of furniture. Perhaps you need just a little extra cash to meet the rent. But whatever your needs are, the best solutions are often the easiest (and most hilarious).

12No Stove? No Problem!

No Stove? No Problem!

Depending on the size of the meal, an iron may do the job just fine.

11A Proper Cooler

. A Proper Cooler

A washing machine is the best cooler you will ever have. There’s no clean-up once the ice melts!

10Not A Coffee Person? Try This

Not A Coffee Person? Try This

Alternatively, leave the hotdogs in and gross out your roommates/coworkers. Note: doing this in the workplace will likely get you fired.

9No Iron? No Problem!

No Iron? No Problem!

Okay, so you have a stove but no iron. Why not heat up a pot instead?

8Barbeque on a Budget

Barbeque on a Budget

Need skewers but spent all your money on swanky food? Just use some wire hangers.

7Make Nature Work For You

Make Nature Work For You

The biggest expensive for many of us in the wintertime is the electric bill, especially for those of us with electric heat. Cut down on the bill with some creative snow sculpting! You won’t need a mini-fridge during a blizzard anyway.

6A Lower-Class Shower Head


If you’ve already got the water pressure, just punch some holes into an empty can and let it rip.

5Bring The Money to You!


Lots of people liter. Few people recycle. Why not take advantage of both groups for profit?

4Pools Don’t Have to be Expensive


I mean, they probably should be, but if you live life on the edge just rig up some tarps.

3Mount a Screen Anywhere


Depending on where you want your tablet, you can use anything from picture frame hooks to coat hangers to make an impromptu television.

2Great Seats Think Alike


Sure, it may look a little weird, but a standard chair is all it takes to get your couch back up to snuff.

1A Speaker on The Fly


Got jams on your phone but no speakers? Just grab a cup or jar; it will work just as well.