In the digital age, how often do you actually have to write something out for someone else? Seriously, take a closer look at your handwriting. We guarantee these samples will put you to shame.

11Fancy Pants Signature

Fancy Pants Signature

We all have unique signatures, but this one is unique and beautiful.

10You Don’t Need To Know The Language To Love It

You Don't Need To Know The Language To Love It

It’s still amazing even if you can’t read it.

9Calligraphy and Cartography

Calligraphy and Cartography

How much time did this take?

8Perfect Punctuation

Perfect Punctuation

The rest of the writing doesn’t matter because that apostrophe is perfect.

7The Old-Fashioned Way



Nothing quite like using a proper pen and ink!

6From the Hand of A Master

From the Hand of A Master

This is a letter from Mark Twain to poet Walt Whitman. What a treasure!

5Literal Word Art


Taking it a step further, this writer used the size and shapes of the letters to recreate a map of the United States.

4Maximizing Minimalism


Sometimes less truly is more.

3Beauty in Anger


It’s not exactly a happy message, but the author knew that penmanship would capture someone’s attention. And it did.

2Guided By Grids


Even with this level of organization, the clarity is impressive.

1Even on a Slippy Surface


Anyone who has used markers on a whiteboard can tell you it’s more than a bit messy. Whoever pulled this off deserves respect.