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Up-to-date, it’s popular to be fit and healthy. Millions of people go on various diets. They visit gyms several times a week and follow other crowd-pleasing trends. One of them is jogging. In the morning, you can observe dozens of pretty girls and handsome guys jogging in the nearest park. It seems to be so lovely and easy. Yet, if you are going to join the fan club of joggers, you should consider the following information.

Before getting your running shoes on, it’s worth visiting the doctor. Everyone knows that jogging is very useful for your health. It helps to build strong bones. There are no better means to strengthen your muscles. Of course, it’s your best helper when it comes to weight loss. Yet, despite all the advantages, jogging can hurt you. That’s why the first thing you should do is not to buy new trainers but to find the best running physical therapist such as it is provided on

Only the specialist can make up an ideal running program. It will meet all your needs and expectations. It often happens that people neglect the necessity to consult with a therapist. The result may be unfortunate. Numerous injuries such as shin splints, muscle pull, and ankle fasciitis are only a few among possible variants.

Why Visiting a Doctor Is a Must?

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It sounds weird but your desire to be healthy may hurt you. Every person has different anamnesis. It may affect your running abilities. If you want to go jogging or running a marathon, regular checkups should become an integral part of your routine.

The list of desirable medical tests includes the following points:

  • Blood pressure check;
  • Iron level;
  • Cholesterol level;
  • The basic test for cardiovascular risk.

If you want to become a professional runner, it’s important to check metabolic panel, thyroid panel, and uric acid. It’s not the full list of possible analyses. The number of tests depends upon your age and general health condition.

You should get the results of your analysis. Only then, the doctor can make up the most effective workout program for you. The expert should know your goal. You shouldn’t be shy telling you want to lose weight or become fitter. Such information is very important for the doctor. He or she is able to help you to pick up the best place and time for running.

I’m Injured: What Should I Do?

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If often happens that after morning jogging your heart beats faster or there is some pain in the muscles. You shouldn’t ignore the symptoms. Many beginner runners or joggers think that your body must hurt after physical exercises. It often leads to serious health troubles.

You may feel that something is going wrong.  It means you should visit running physical therapist as soon as possible. The modern technologies allow getting urgent and qualified help in no time.

It should be noticed that running physical therapists deals also with marathon preparation and recovery, regenerative therapy, and different analyses. It’s not a good idea to look for the treatment on the Net. You should take care of your health. And your doctor is your best helper.