Comics nerds love two things; complaining about comics, and buying useless c*@p. And since comics don’t really make money any more, they’re kind of stuck selling comics nerds the useless cr@p. And boy, do they ever! Here are ten obscure characters, somehow immortalized in resin.


Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is basically what happens when you give the horse alien that wasn’t stalking Power Pack Thor’s hammer. The idea was, hey, let’s create this alien more bad-a$# than the Mighty Thor, give him a knock-off Mjolnir, and have him running around in Thor’s book! That’ll be awesome.

beta ray bill

Well, no, it wasn’t. But that doesn’t stop Marvel for asking $60 for a bust of him.


Terrax the Terrible

The position of Galactus’ herald might as well have had a revolving door ever since the Silver Surfer grew a conscience and kept Galactus from eating Earth. But none of these losers, not Nova, not Firelord, none of them were as much of a shmuck or more obscure than Terrax, a guy who could levitate rocks and carried a big ax around. But, hey, a handful of appearances is more than enough to merit a bust, right? Right.

terrax the terrible


Halle Berry as Catwoman

Now, a Catwoman statue we can get behind. A Halle Berry statue we can get behind. Combining the two? Yeah, that we’re going to get way behind, as in into another state.

halle berry as catwoman

We’re not sure what’s more confusing: why DC wants to remember this infamous stinker of a superhero movie, or why they think anybody would pay $150 to remember it.


Krypto The Superdog

If there’s anything more goofy, embarrassing and stupid in the history of comics than the Silver Age Superman, we can’t think of it. OK, Silver Age Batman, but Supes ran close. And who wouldn’t want to remember Superman dissing Pat Boone or Lois setting feminism back a month every issue with a small statue of a dog in a cape?

krypto the superdog



It’s Kurse! You know…Kurse? Twice as strong as Thor? Made that way by the Beyonder? Used to be…


Oh hell, we’d never heard of him either. But apparently somebody has, and they’ll pay a hundred bucks to own a version of him that doesn’t even have legs.