Tepezza is a prescription drug approved by the FDA to treat thyroid eye disease (TED), also known as Graves’ orbitopathy. Despite its approval, patients who have taken Tepezza are reporting permanent hearing problems such as tinnitus and hearing loss, which have caused them to file Tepezza lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer, Horizon Pharmaceuticals.

The lawsuits allege that the drug’s label fails to adequately warn patients and clinicians about the danger of irreversible hearing loss or tinnitus. This issue has gained widespread attention in recent years, as the number of people reporting permanent hearing problems from Tepezza has continued to increase.

In this article, we will discuss the risks and side effects of Tepezza. We will also talk about the current status of Tepezza lawsuits and how they can aid victims in getting paid for their suffering.

Permanent Side Effects of Tepezza


According to claims, the drug’s label fails to notify patients or doctors about the danger of hearing loss or tinnitus that is associated with it. According to, during clinical trials of the drug, around 10% of patients reported hearing issues, but 2021 research found that the risk could be even higher, with as many as 65% of patients experiencing hearing problems after taking Tepezza.

In a research study involving 26 patients who were administered at least four Tepezza doses, it was discovered that 23% of patients had hearing loss and 27% had tinnitus. According to the study’s findings, the hearing loss was unexpected or worse after taking the medicine, and the long-term repercussions of tinnitus were unclear.

Hearing loss and tinnitus symptoms went away for some individuals a few months after taking the medicine, while others continued to have problems long after stopping therapy. A person’s quality of life may be significantly impacted by the impacts of tinnitus and irreversible hearing loss.

These adverse impacts might make it challenging to understand other people and result in emotions such as worry, frustration, and sadness.

Filing a Tepezza Lawsuit


People who took Tepezza and had persistent hearing loss or tinnitus may file a Tepezza lawsuit to seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and impaired quality of life. Patients who file a complaint may also help alert other people about the dangers of using Tepezza. Patients must have taken Tepezza and had chronic or persistent hearing problems or tinnitus in order to initiate a Tepezza case.

One Tepezza lawsuit was filed by Arizona resident Daniel Weibel in August 2022 in Illinois. Weibel, who was diagnosed with thyroid eye disease and underwent Tepezza treatment from June 2020 to September 2020, claimed that Horizon Pharmaceuticals failed to adequately warn and inform patients about the potential risks of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus associated with the use of Tepezza.

Despite the numerous patient reports and scientific studies establishing a connection between the drug and hearing problems, the company allegedly failed to properly communicate these risks to patients and healthcare providers. As of February 2024, the case is still underway, and no settlements have been reached.

Consulting a Tepezza Attorney


A Tepezza attorney may ask questions such as when the patient used Tepezza, how many infusions or treatments they had, what type of hearing problems they experienced, when a doctor diagnosed them with hearing problems, if their doctor treated them for any Tepezza-related injuries, and if their doctor told them that their hearing problems might be related to Tepezza.

Attorneys offer free consultations and may preserve the patient’s right to file a claim. The statute of limitations for a Tepezza lawsuit varies by state, ranging from two and four years. As of early 2024, Tepezza litigation is still in the initial stages, and no jury judgments or settlements have been reached in any of the cases.


In summary, Tepezza, a prescription drug approved by the FDA to treat thyroid eye disease, has been linked to permanent hearing problems such as tinnitus and hearing loss. Patients who have experienced these side effects are filing Tepezza lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer, Horizon Pharmaceuticals, for failing to adequately warn patients and doctors about these risks.

If you took Tepezza and suffered hearing problems, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and decreased quality of life. Consulting with a personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and options. The statute of limitations for a Tepezza lawsuit varies by state, so it is important to take action as soon as possible.