Hormones are a very important part of our health system and they are frequently overlooked and mistreated by so many of us.

Hormones are chemical messengers in your body. They circulate via the circulation to tissues or organs. They act slowly and over time, influencing a wide range of processes, including development and growth, metabolism, sexual activity, reproduction, and mood.

Hormones are produced by endocrine glands, which are particular groupings of cells. The pituitary, pineal, thymus, thyroid, adrenal glands, and pancreas are the primary endocrine glands. Furthermore, men manufacture hormones in their testicles, whereas women generate them in their ovaries.

This is something all of us have been familiarized with in high school probably, and something many has briefly glossed over at some point during their education. What we can tell you is that the hormone system in our body has a huge role and it is very important and we have to take care of it. Proper care of our hormone system can be done in several ways, from lifestyle changes to several different treatments including Online hormone therapy that can be done at

Something many of you have probably heard of is HRT or Hormone replacement therapy, and today we will talk to you about it and try to tell you which one might be just right for you.

HRT is mostly present in women that are going through menopause and that need extra help to get through that period, which can be tough on some ladies. This includes men as well, but somehow, they are way less touched by this.

Hormone therapy, especially when taken within ten years of menopause for women that have no known contraindications to estrogen replacement is safe and effective. This type of hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy, depending on which period you are in, is very safe and very efficacious when taken at the proper time regarding your last menstrual period.

Now when it comes to the best types of HRT there are several ones you can choose from, like oral, patches, and bioidentical…. Now to answer this you need to know this:

1. Your HRT must be FDA approved


Now, this should go with saying but again some people do not think about this. FDA-approved medication is the only way to go and you shouldn’t dab into experimental drugs or treatments because this is a rather sensitive matter.

Any FDA-approved drug means you are getting it and you can get it at your local pharmacy, drugstore, or supermarket that has the pharmacy in it, meaning a legitimate way of getting this type of medication. FDA-approved medication is important for several reasons and the most important ones are that it has gone through a trial, you know the dosage you are getting and you know what to expect from them.

2. What type you should take

Many come to be confused when talking about HRT and what type is the best, or rather which way to get it in your body, a pill, a patch, or any other transdermal way. This is the place where individualization comes into place especially for those looking for solutions for menopause without HRT and where there is no such thing as one size fits all. It is all individual and a time to sit down with someone and figure out the best route and the best way for you.

The route you will go will depend on your history of illnesses, what type of medication and/or conditions you have right now, and some other factors that your physician will determine from your conversation and your medical history. After all of that, you will be presented with an option that will be the best way you need to take your HRT for the most success.

3. Doctors visit


All of these are just some of the options you have laid in front of you. From those that are common sense like FDA-approved medication only to the fact that there are patches, gels, oral medication you can choose from and the fact that you have to sit down with your doctor and talk these things through.

There are some things you can research online and get an opinion on, everything else you need someone with expertise and medical knowledge so you get the best of what you need. Health is not something you can mess around with.

4. Can you make a mistake?

Yes, most definitely. This is for some people a lot of trial and error until you hit the right therapy your body needs. There are plenty of people that are on the HRT but still experiencing mood swings, hot and cold flashes and other associated issues.

Some physicians manage to determine the type of therapy the right way instantly while for others there is a huge test period and, in most cases, they are constantly switching and shuffling their HRT.

5. Does HRT help?


This type of therapy does help but again since we are all individuals with different organisms, metabolism and different endocrine system in total not all of us will experience the same results or the same road to the result. We know plenty of people that got off the HRT because it wasn’t helping.

Most of them stuck with their therapy for years before they gave it up and turned to other things that eventually helped them out. This might also be your case so after some time if you do not see the desired results, talk to your doctor about alternatives and other solutions because this one isn’t helping.

Your health must be your primary concern and according to that take care of what you bring in your body. No matter what type of therapy or medication you need, it is always a good thing to sit down with your physician and go through your medical history to find the best and most optimal solution for the issues you are having.

If you are in require of HRT then, again, do your research online as well, but go to see your doctor and let them go over with your things that actually can help you and will help you. there are numerous things out there that are the self-proclaimed best medication for certain things, but you must know better. FDA-approved medications with the doctor’s prescription are the way to go.