Fashion is a subjective thing and different types of clothes can be styled in different ways to make the outfit look better. There are also some classic pieces of clothes and accessories which may be used in a variety of ways to make an outfit. One such piece of fashion accessory is a leather bag. Leather accessories can help in elevating the whole look of the outfit in a very subtle but noticeable way.

But there are different types of leather bags, and all of them might suit different types of aesthetics and people. These include leather crossbody bags, small purses, duffels, baguettes, etc. All these types can be pretty confusing as one might not be able to determine which kind of leather luggage would suit them the most and how they would style it. Below are some Dos and Don’ts concerning leather bag styling:

The Dos:

Buy Basic But Versatile Colours


One of the first things that one should focus on while buying leather bags is the colour. Now, of course, people can buy a variety of different colours that are available in the market. Many even choose to go with eccentric coloured luggage to add some personality to the outfit and express themselves through it. These are also some great ways to show off one’s personality.

But, for people who are unaware or confused about what colour luggage they should buy, they can choose to buy basic colours as they go with different types of outfits due to their versatility. Some of the most versatile colours used to make various outfits include black, beige and brown shades.

Think About The Utility

Since leather bags are such a big investment, one should not buy them only for the sole purpose of elevating an outfit. Rather, it should also be seen that the luggage one is buying is actually of use to the person. This includes buying bags which a person can not only style but also use to store relevant things. For example, a person who goes to the office can get a laptop bag for themselves, whereas, others who want to buy a bag for styling their party outfit can choose a smaller handbag that will be able to store all the essentials they might need while also looking perfect for the occasion. It is no use buying a luggage which does not have any utility in one’s life as it would not be used as often and hence the purchase would not be worth it.


Buy Bags Which Can Be Used In Different Ways

Not only should one focus on buying a bag which has good utility. One should also try to look for such a bag which can be used on different occasions and can work with different kinds of outfits. These can be basic multipurpose luggage, like, a backpack or a handbag as they often go with different kinds of the outfit while also being easy to style.

The Don’ts:

Do Not Purchase Items Made Of Faux Leather


If one is looking to buy a leather bag, it is recommended to buy one made from real leather. Although some people do not want to buy a real leather bag because of moral issues and to support veganism, they usually go with faux leather which also works fine with them. But, if someone only chooses to buy a faux leather item over a real one due to the price difference then maybe they should reconsider their decision.

This is because even though faux leather tends to look just like real leather when it is bought, it still gets damaged and worn out rather quickly. This leads to the money being spent on it going to waste. Oftentimes cheaper faux leather items have issues where either the surface gets scratched and ripped or the top layer of the leather comes off making the purse look damaged.

But other than this, faux leather can be a great option for those who are low on budget but still want to get the feel and look of a real leather bag or only wish to use their bag occasionally. In such a case, faux leather items can also work.

Do Not Overfill The Luggage


One of the things that lead to the ruining of an outfit with a bag is the overflowing of the luggage. Although it is understandable why someone might want to stuff their luggage, especially if they have to pack for a longer time duration, it is not always the most stylish option. Overfilling the luggage can lead to it becoming stuffed and bulky. Not only will this make the luggage heavier and difficult to carry, but it will also make it look puffy and round and the bag might lose its original shape.

So, if the style is of importance, one should use the correct sized bag to fill all their essentials while also ensuring that they should not overfill them to the brim making them difficult to carry and unstylish to look at.


In conclusion, only by focusing on some simple tips, one can choose the best bag for them. There are only certain things that one should keep in mind while buying designer luggage, they are the colour, silhouette and the use for which the luggage is being bought. Besides this, those which have multiple uses should be preferred over one that can only be used for one purpose since they may not be able to justify their costs in such a scenario. Along with this, faux leather luggage should be avoided due to its short lifespan and tendency to wear out quickly. And overfilling of luggage should also be avoided to keep the structure of the bag intact while adding style to the outfit. Following the above tips and avoiding some common mistakes can help in choosing the right luggage for oneself.

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