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Cleaning and sanitizing all the surfaces in your home and workplace has always been important. Electronic equipment works better in a clean environment and staff are less likely to fall ill. Of course, during a pandemic, the importance of cleanliness is increasingly important.

The good news is you don’t need to spend all your time cleaning to get a safe environment and you simply need to invest in the right equipment and adopt a sensible approach. The rest takes care of itself.

Equipment You’re Going To need

When cleaning you need to ensure you have all the right equipment to hand, it’s not practical to stop partway through and head to your local store. That’s why you should keep the following handy:


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It’s okay to use reusable gloves but they must be used only for this purpose and stored carefully between uses. Ideally, they’ll need to be washed and separately from other items. That’s why disposable gloves are best, although not as good for the environment.


Ordinary house soap is one of the best products you can use when cleaning and sanitizing any surface. It’s surprisingly effective at killing most bacteria and relatively gentle to your skin. Of course, you shouldn’t need to touch this with your bare hands as you’re wearing gloves.

Disinfectant Spray

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You can buy disinfectant sprays and follow the instructions on them or you can mix your own. A solution of ten parts water and one part bleach is good at disinfecting surfaces and killing bacteria.

This needs to be placed in a spray bottle to make it easy to carry with you and use.

Clean Cloths

You’ll need a cloth to wipe any surface that needs to be cleaned, which is all the surfaces in the office or home. Clean clothes are essential to avoid contamination and wipe any surface effectively. It’s best to use cotton cloths as these can be washed and reused.

Steam Cleaner

You need a high-quality steam cleaner as this can be used on virtually all surfaces. That includes carpets, hard floors, countertops, upholstery, and soft furnishings.

A steam cleaner isn’t just easy to use on multiple surfaces, because it relies on heat it is effective at killing bacteria, leaving your surfaces sanitized. There are plenty of steam cleaners on the market but you should invest in one that has suction as well as provides steam. This allows you to clean the surface and remove debris at the same time.

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It could be the best purchase you ever make.

Four Simple Steps To Clean Anything & Everything

With the right approach and tools cleaning and sanitizing any space can be completed in four simple steps:

1. Put Your Safety Gear On

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The first step is to put your disposable gloves on and consider what clothes you are wearing. When cleaning it’s best to have a dedicated overall or set of clothes that you can wear and then wash. In normal times this may be considered overkill. But, during a pandemic, this is a safe approach.

You should also wear a mask. While masks have become a symbol of the fight against COVID-19, they are very effective at keeping bacteria and dust out of your respiratory system. This is particularly relevant if you have allergies.
Getting suited up also puts you in the right frame of mind to get the cleaning done.

2. Wash With Soap & Water

All hard surfaces should be washed with normal dish soap and warm water. You don’t need to drench the surfaces, simply dip a clean cloth into the warm soapy water and wipe every part of the surface. Rinse and continue.

The soap and water can kill many bacteria and will ensure all the debris is removed from the surfaces. Don’t worry if it goes on the floor, the next step will take care of this.

You can use soap and water to wipe the outer surfaces of electronic equipment, providing the cloth is wrung out and nearly dry. But, if in doubt or there is a risk of dripping water into the device, use antibacterial wipes instead.

3. Steam Clean

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Now you’re ready to use your steam cleaner. You’ll need to fill it with water and water for several minutes for it to be ready. The steam cleaner will heat the water to above 150°C, creating steam that is directed down the nozzle.

There are a variety of attachments that can be fitted to the steam cleaning nozzle. These are similar to vacuum attachments, brushes for soft furnishings, small tools for intricate corners, etc.
Select your attachment and start moving over the surfaces you’ve already washed. The steam will get into places you’ve missed and the suction will collect the debris. Work your way around the space and downward, finishing with the floor.

4. Disinfectant Spray

To finish, you can spray the surfaces with a disinfectant spray and wipe them clean. This will kill any bacteria that have been missed, (which is unlikely), and also kill any that try to land in the near future.

The disinfectant spray can be kept handy, allowing people to wipe down surfaces before using them. It’s a sensible additional precaution during a pandemic.

Of course, you need to consider what type of disinfectant spray you are using, especially if these are being used on a food preparation surface. Make sure it’s safe to make your food after using the spray or wait the designated amount of time.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! As soon as you’ve been around once and developed a feel for the space you’re cleaning you’ll find the entire process is surprisingly quick. This is because the steam cleaner does most of the work for you and takes no longer than vacuuming the space.
It’s time you invested in the right equipment, kept your work or home area clean, and started enjoying life again!