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If you are a regular on online casinos, then you must have got a lot of advice regarding slots. People claim to know the best strategies for games like slots, but the reality is that you can’t really do much to become better at the game because it is simply based on luck and random number generation. In order to make sure you get the most out of the game you can, however, use these tips to your advantage.

1Use the bonuses


Online casinos are known to give bonuses generously both in amount and in frequency. People have a misconception regarding these bonuses as to how they can be too good to be true. You can get from in order to win free money and other nonmonetary prizes.

By utilizing these bonuses, you can even get free turns in the slots games which are exactly what you should be focusing one which is making the most out of each turn and keep the game going.

2Look at the competition

Because of the fact that there are so many online casinos out there, they are always in constant competition to win the most amounts of customers. This where the customer i.e. you as a player are in a great position to choose what you want. Websites such as can help you find the best casino.

We usually advise our players to take a nice and hard look at the competition and see what is being offered in other online casinos. Make sure you look at the wagering requirements which basically are the minimum amount you need to meet as a bet so that you can access your bonus.

3Look for the looser slots


While everyone is aware of the loose slots that exist in the land-based casinos, which are the slot machines that tend to pay more frequently than the other machines, this concept also applies in the virtual world of casinos.

You will have a great idea as to know which machine is the loose slot by looking at the frequency of their payout. We advise our players to keep switching the slot games they play because it doesn’t make sense to always stick to one game. You can also try your luck on sites such as Reel Island.

4Make it worth your while

Sometimes people end up getting stuck in a losing streak and still continue to play on the game hoping the next time would be different. If you are one of those people, then it really best if you try playing something different and not risk spending al your money. There is a common misconception that the more you bet in slots, the higher your chance will be of winning something which is completely false.

Always keep in mind that slots are based on random number generation so you can only do some much to change the odds. You can always try playing a different slot game if you don’t feel lucky on a certain one.

5Know the difference between the local and network jackpots


If you weren’t aware, there are two types of jackpots i.e. local and network. The main difference between the two is that the local jackpots come from the different players who are playing the slot game in question. So depending on the slot game you are playing, the jackpot is likely to vary since there will be different players who are.

Network jackpots on the other hand, come from players playing in other casinos too. This essentially means that network jackpots tend to be bigger than the local ones, however, that also means that they are harder to win too. Even though you may feel that the network jackpots are much more worth the effort to play for, but you may want to rethink that because the local ones will be easier to win meaning you have a better chance at them.

6Take advantage of the free spins

As we mentioned earlier that the industry is a highly competitive one, the online casinos tend to offer a lot of free spins that you will want to look out for. They will either give the chances of free spins to entirely new players or to bring back old players to the online casinos.

The free spins tend to sound too good to be true, but the majority of the time they give you what they promise. However, when it comes to free spins there are a lot of terms and conditions that you may want to give a read before you start playing for it.

7Betting max


Most of the slot websites ask you to bet max and imply that it will increase your odds since you will be betting on multiple pay lines this way. While this is true, you should also keep in mind that these slots are completely reliant on random number generators, so that means that no matter how you bet you are likely to have the same chances.

So you may want to reconsider betting max since that also means that you could lose all the money you bet.

8Taking a look at the pay tables

Sometimes the slot games give you information about the pay tables, meaning what kind of variations they have. You may think this information is useless, but knowing these variations can help you immensely because you will be able to pick and choose between the different slot machines.

9Free plays


Other online casinos tend to give you chances to play games for free in order to be able to practice and get better them. The online casinos also tend to this with slot games, and while this won’t really affect the gameplay, you can still have a fairly good idea about how to play the game especially in the beginning when you are only clicking and not really realizing what you are doing. You never know, you could get lucky with some paytable.