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Love is often characterized by selflessness, commitment, trust, patience, and may not be influenced by sex or physical beauty. Many people rarely get the difference between love and infatuation, since both involve strong feelings towards someone. However, infatuation is characterized by moments when someone gets carried away by addictive and toxic love.

Infatuation starts well as a good relationship before turning to be toxic with strong sexual attraction. Love, on the other hand, involves affection and is more of emotions than desires. If you are in a relationship right now, you may not know whether you are in love or infatuated with someone.

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You may find yourself infatuated over these girls over their natural beauty. But don’t worry much because below, the article provides several signs that can help you realize if you are infatuated with some or in love.

Persistent and intrusive thoughts about them

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It may be surprising to get that you persistently think about someone. At times, you are irritated by how often you think about them, and you try to understand ways to get distracted from it.

If you find yourself obsessively having romantic thoughts about someone, sometimes even dreading and causing anxiety and panic, it is a sign that you may be infatuated. In this case, you cannot stop thinking about a person.

You are willing to drop everything for them

Say, for instance, you are at home getting done with work from the office. Then, someone you love gives you a call. He or she wants to meet you. Probably, it’s been a while since you two linked up. What will be your response? The chances are that you may let the meetup pass and focus on your work. That’s called love as your partner, on the other end, will understand.

They may even suggest coming over and keeping you company while you work. However, for the obsessed persons, the case is different. That one call can make them leave everything regardless of whether the work was urgent or not. In such an instance, they may find themselves crushing with bosses because they can’t even explain their reason for missing a deadline.

Intense Emotional Swings

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Sometimes you may be thinking about how the person feels about you and have extreme mood swings. This is characterized by feelings of joy and happiness when the person shows you, or you think that they like you back.

The moods may change abruptly the moment that a person does not give you their attention. You may start thinking that the person dislikes you and becomes upset and sad. You may find that you too often switch between the two moods. If you have such changes in feelings, you may not be in love, but just infatuated.

Sexual fantasies

Infatuated people are most likely to have sexual desires for their lobe object. It is not surprising to get yourself living in a world of fantasy with the person with whom you are infatuated. These fantasies will often get you any time, even when reading a book, running on a treadmill, or even in other types of hard work. You will always be imagining that you are in the arms of the person. You may find yourself not getting enough of their brightest eyes, warmest hugs.

Number one stalker

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In this age and era, where almost everything happens on social media, you may try and portray your infatuation over there. Online stalking is one way you may prove to yourself that whatever you are experiencing isn’t love but a mere obsession. Here, you need to ask yourself how many times do you find yourself going through his or her posts on popular platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram?

If it’s once or twice, that’s allowed. But, if you find yourself going through their pages now and then, that may be a small obsession. Infatuated people tend to even send different reactions to the photos of their prey, especially. Some also go-ahead to start confrontations with the individuals who comment on the posts. If this character is the exact definition of your current situation, then you might be experiencing infatuation and not love.


When you are infatuated with someone, it is not surprising to find yourself wanting to spend your time with the person all through. You too often even demand that they should spend time with you. This can make you very secure when the person is far from you. It is only their presence that can assure you of the security of your feelings.

Unrealistic Fantasies

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When you are infatuated with someone, all your thoughts about the future may always involve this person. You may have imagined that this person will still be available in your future and start to redefine your future in a big picture of this person in your mind. This may happen even when you have only known the person for a short time. Besides, all your desires are based on this person. You will have all your romantic feelings only for the person.


When you are fascinated, you tend to think that the person has the best qualities, and you rarely see their flaws. Even when you notice their flaws, you rarely care about them. All you want to see is the best qualities that your person has. You always think that the person is perfect and even feel convinced that their negative attributes are essential as well. This kind of feeling may be harmful to you. You may only come to notice that you have been moving with an unsuitable person after the end of the first infatuation period.

It is essential to know that infatuation is one of the most substantial feelings you can have towards a person. This feeling may carry you away and lead you to a toxic relationship. However, it can lead to a possible romantic relationship. It is essential to know if you love the person you have or you are captivated. This article will guide you through it by helping you understand if whatever you may be experiencing is love or infatuation.