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Today, more than six million car accidents are recorded in the US alone. Most of the accidents reported usually bring damages to the car and property, as opposed to the occupants. Being in a spot is one nightmare that no driver wishes will come to happen. Now that you are here, it’s either you are already involved in the accident, or you are just adding some extra knowledge. Here is a list of actions you should have at your fingertips in case you find yourself in an accident, and you are at fault:

1. Stop, don’t run

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After an accident, there is usually a moment of panic, not knowing what to do immediately. There is the temptation of wanting to flee the scene, especially if you are the person on the wrong. On many occasions, drivers have taken advantage of the other vehicle’s occupants getting injured and react by leaving them behind to die.

Well, it’s not ethical for any road user to free the scene. It would help if you left the vehicles intact as they were until the police come in to record the statement. The best you can do is get out of your car, and help the other car’s driver get out of theirs in case they happen to be injured. In case of a fire breakout, you can use the extinguishers installed in your vehicle to put it off.

2. Secure the scene

When cruising along the highways, you must have in mind that you are not the only driver using the road. Therefore, your first response after the accident should be to alert other road users of the accident ahead. There are many incidents where one accident has resulted in many other fatal accidents all because the drivers in the scene didn’t warn other motorists. It’s a requirement by the law for every vehicle to have the red triangle tool on board for use during the incident. You must place the sign at a distance before your scene of an accident, and ensure that every other motorist can easily spot it from afar. By doing this, you will not only be preventing further incidences, but you will also be saving other people’s lives.

3. Protect your rights

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In case of an accident, many processes must be followed. The procedures are to ensure that both parties involved are compensated adequately. Although your insurer may help cater for the damages during the experience, some drivers may take advantage of the situation to rip you off. It’s at this point that a lawyer comes in handy to help with translating the legal processes, and what needs to be done after the incident.

The chances are that you already have a lawyer in your contact list. But it will help much when you find one who specializes in accident cases. According to the legal marketing experts from, it’s recommended that you work with a firm that understands its role. A perfect lawyer should have a good portfolio.

Besides, they should have the much-needed confidence in the courtrooms, as it’s necessary. You can hence scout around for a legal firm within the area of the incident as this means that they are familiar with the courts and judges that will confirm your case. This hack works well when you are on the wrong as they can assist you in regaining your rights.

4. Call the police officers

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After you are done with securing the scene of an accident, among the first things you should consider doing is call the traffic police within the area. You need to record a statement with them on what transpired to the accident. Police understand the traffic rules better, and this means that they can access the incident deeply before giving way forward.

The reason why you need a policy statement is that your insurer needs it to help process the settlement. When it comes to recording a statement with the cops, you must ensure that you give the exact details. A slight glitch with the statements can see you lose the benefits with the insurer or even crash heads with the law. It is necessary to remember and ensure that the witnesses record all the essential parts of the statement for the investigation. If either of the cars has a dashcam, it will help much if you shared a copy of the recordings with the cops who visit the scene.

5. Take pictures

With the traffic police in play, you must remember to collect your evidence, as well. Today, it’s much easier to do so. You only need a good smartphone to take pictures of the incident. Therefore, you must remember to capture as many images as possible to help with the investigations. Ensure that you have captured the accident from almost every angle. The vehicle registration number needs to appear in the photos. Your insurer will need these photos also when it comes to investigating the accident from their end. Therefore, it would be best if you ensured that the pictures you capture are as clear as possible.

6. Exchange with every person involved in the incident

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Now that the police are out of the picture, and both cars are towed away from the scene, there is usually time to follow up on the compensations. When it comes to following up on the insurance, you may need to work in close collaboration with the witnesses and the driver of the other vehicle.

Therefore, you must ensure that you exchange contacts with every other party involved before parting ways. You must as well remember to include the contacts of the police who recorded the statements and their base of operations. By sharing the contacts, it becomes much easier to follow up on the case until you are all done.

With the ever-growing number of cars on the road, the cases of accidents have continued to increase. Sadly, accidents do occur when you least expect them to as a driver. If you ever find yourself in the spot, this article contains the list of actions you must take immediately. These actions are much beneficial, especially if you happen to be on the wrong. By reading through the piece, you will learn how to respond to the incident without putting yourself in jeopardy quickly.