Students are always overburdened with assignments and essays besides the exhaustive modules. It is part and parcel of the student’s life. A student learns important lessons from this engagement. Writing essays and assignments takes all your time. Balancing it with the modules is extremely challenging. The AI writing tools are creating a lot of noise in the academic circle.

They come with the advantage, and the student community is taking the help of it to write down their assignments. They come with numerous benefits, but at the same time, they have their disadvantages. The disadvantages raise doubts and questions about the authenticity and discipline associated with academic activities. You might see that the internet is filled with a question:

Should you let AI write your essays? Let us try to go in-depth to find out what can be said for or against the topic. This article holds both the pros and cons of using AI writing in writing essays. So let us begin the discussion here for the sake of argument.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can think like humans. It is such an intelligence that can synthesize, perceives, and infers the information which is demonstrated by machines.

It is touted to be the future of technology as it is still going through development. But it has attained huge success in different spheres of life.

The student community uses spelling, grammar, and tools where AI catches mistakes and provides a better alternative to sentence construction and grammatical errors.

Should You Let AI Write Your Essay ─ Pros and Cons

The stakeholder that needs writing services makes use of Artificial Intelligence tools. Apart from spelling, grammar and syntax errors, they can be used in writing blog introductions and blog posts. This technology is both helping and not helping the stakeholders who are taking the services. To know things in detail, we need to understand the pros and cons of it.

Pros Of Artificial Intelligence


According to the review and experience of the users, a few benefits have evolved from AI writing tool.

1. It Saves Time

Artificial Intelligence is a computer thing, and they are armed with high-end technology. They are fitted with tons of information. Ask them anything, and you can get an answer to it. So if you take the help of the AI writing tool, you can get things done, and that too within a short time. So this tool can be highly effective in the time of an emergency.

2. Saves Money

The machine has been way cheaper compared to human labor. The same can be applied to AI writing tools. If you keep a set of writers or take writing services, you will have to pay them the salary or remuneration according to their capability and delivery of work.

But with machines, you command anything, and you get it easily. But you do not have to pay differently for these services. Hence the technology is turning out to be cost-effective, and it saves money, that’s for sure.

3. Idea Generation

With the help of AI tools, you can facilitate yourself with diverse ideas. The AI tools have tons of knowledge and inputs. It can open new dimensions for further research. From that point of view, it is beneficial.

4. Seo-Friendly Writing

AI tools are written with SEO-friendly standards. You might know that there are more than 200 factors to getting a higher rank organically in the search engine. AI is a master of SEO, and they can help you with SEO-friendly conventions. They are a must for visibility.

Cons Of The Artificial Intelligence


So AI will completely mar all human efforts and eliminate all jobs, right? It is not the case. AI is machine-made. They provide you with accurate information. Still, there is ample reason to doubt technology.

1. AI Generate Pieces That Do Not Evoke The Human Emotions

Artificial Intelligence writing lacks the human touch and emotions. Without them, any writing can not arrest attention. Ultimately, you are writing it for humans, and if your piece completely lacks the human touch, it won’t help you at all. Without emotion and appeal, things look blunt.

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2. Incoherence Phrases

Writing must follow an emotional touch and logical flow. But this is a complete absence in AI-based writing. When you read an AI-based essay, you can find out it’s a piece full of information without the necessary coherence.

In general, two paragraphs have a link. This is the essential characteristic of an essay. But you can not get it at all with AI writing.

3. Lacks personality

Writing has different shades, especially if you are writing an essay. There you find emotions, passions, fun, excitement, and sarcasm. This is typically human writing.

For example, you are writing an essay about the Russia-Ukraine war. A human writer will write how war has affected him/ her personally. Personalization must be the guiding feature of an essay. Unfortunately, you cannot get it with AI writers. Therefore, it is fair to say that teh AI writing tool lacks personality.


4. Accuracy is Unreliable

The accuracy of the AI tools can be put into the scanner. This questionable character is one of the major drawbacks.

For example, AI is writing on the topic of education. Statista found out that 18.99 million college students in the U.S. in 2020. But this is old data. If AI lacks updated information, it will not think twice about providing this information, and this brings teh entire thing under question. Therefore AI-based writing is not beyond the question of reliability.

Closing The Discussion

Artificial Intelligence is a future tool and is still in its embryonic stage of development. Experts say that it has miles to go. It might be possible to successfully replace humans later on. But based on the present performance, one can say that AI is not a tool to use for essay writing.