Another exciting Premier League campaign has come to an end yet again, and each year we analyze the best-performing strikers in the season. The Premier League, one of the top leagues in Europe, receives the ‘cream of the crop’ from all over the world. Top world-class players compete with one another, and thus, the competition produces the best of the best strikers every season.

As we see every year, this campaign has many familiar faces with some fresh blood as well. The results for the Golden Boot 2024 have also been announced recently, and Harry Kane can boast of being the winner of the prestigious award. Many expected Mohamed Salah to win the Golden Boot, previously winning it in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 campaigns, respectively. However, he was left behind by one goal, allowing Kane to win the Golden Boot race. Let us have a look at our list for the top five strikers of the EPL 2024/21 season.

1. Harry Kane – Tottenham


As expected, the number one on our list is none other than Harry Kane. Kane has now won the Golden Boot three times, consecutively in the 2015-2017 campaigns and now once again. Will, he beat Thierry Henry’s record of winning the Golden Boot four times, who is also one of only two players to have won it three years in a row (2003-2006)? Only time will tell, but given the star striker’s performances lately, this could be a highly likely possibility.

Kane has been the most consistent striker in the league’s history and has been in brilliant form this season. Kane, along with Son Heung-Min, creates a deadly duo that most teams consider a significant threat. His stats have been brilliant, most shots on target, second-highest xG, and top ten in shot-creating actions. It is a pity that his team ended the season 7th at the league table. However, we can not disregard his fantastic individual performance. The 27-year-old also appears in Sportingbet’s list of Europe’s deadliest strikers, and rightfully so.

2. Mohamed Salah – Liverpool


It was a tight race between the Egyptian King and Harry Kane for the Golden Boot. Although Salah lost by one goal, he was nothing less than phenomenal this season and easily the leading man for the club. He amassed a whopping 22 goals this season, and he was Liverpool’s choice as the best player of the season!

The 29-year-old was the top points-decider player among all Premier League players, including Golden Boot winner Harry Kane. He also previously enjoyed two Golden Boot awards in the previous campaigns. Although viewers saw a plummet in Liverpool’s overall form this season, Salah can boast of actually improving his goalscoring compared to their title-winning season — he has 22 goals to his name this season, compared to 19 in the last one.

3. Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United


The Red Devils were simply a delight to watch this season, given their outstanding improvement in form in the 2024/21 campaign, and Bruno Fernandes is undoubtedly their MVP for the season. He rounded off a fine campaign, and he was also in the running for the Premier League’s player of the season, alongside Harry Kane and Ruben Dias who later won the honorable award and the Golden Boot award.

The Portuguese Magnifico was among the league’s top-scorers — a source of pride for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the rest of the team. Fernandes finished the season with 18 goals in the Premier League, 4 in the Champions League, 5 in the Europa, and one goal in the Carabao Cup, which totals 28 goals scored for the season.

4. Patrick Bamford – Leeds United


Bamford is a fantastic representative for the underdogs this season, and his stats speak for themselves. This season is proving to be his breakthrough season, and he has proved all the critics wrong with his fantastic performances. The 27-year-old amassed a total of 17 goals this season with seven assists and even one hattrick.

Bamford was pleased with the result, reflected on the campaign, and spoke about what it was like playing in front of a crowd once again.

“It was good, we wanted to finish on a high,” said Bamford.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful to the opposition, but they’re a bit down in the dumps, and I think we capitalized on that throughout the whole game.

“There was a little bit of sloppiness at the end from us which gave them a goal, but apart from that, it was a good performance.

“Everyone went out there and enjoyed it with it being the last game of the season, and we wanted to put on a display for the fans.”

5. Son Heung-min – Tottenham


The second half to Tottenham’s deadly duo is none other than Son Heung-min, who enjoys being in this year’s top scorer list along with Harry Kane. The South Korean player maintained an impressive level of consistency throughout his performances during the season. Heung-min was always high up in the top scorer’s list, along with teammate Kane. He ties with Patrick Bamford and has also amassed 17 goals for the season.

The duo has been recognized for their efforts this season as they share a score of 40 combined goals between them. Their dynamic as players and teammates is phenomenal, and Son certainly was positively influenced by Kane’s presence and unselfishness in the team.

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