In the spring of this year, the question of creating the Super League, the organization of the richest and most titled football teams in Europe, has again sharply raised. Until this moment, such a tournament format has been discussed hypothetically. But today, twelve teams have officially announced the fait accompli of their reorganization and their agreement to be members of the Super League. Additionally, they have clarified that the organization already has its own anthem, symbols, website, and management team. The founders of the European Super League have moved from words to real deeds.

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What Is the Super League?


The planned Super League tournament will be held once a year by the richest European clubs instead of the Champions League. The main idea of creating this competition arose back in 1998 and wasn’t forgotten by the owners of the titled clubs throughout this period, although due to periodic reform processes of UEFA, the creation of a new organization was delayed. In fact, the Super League became the object of UEFA blackmailing by the big clubs. At the present time, when financial stability has been shaken due to the coronavirus pandemic, the issue has intensified, and the solution has become quite real for implementation.

The Super League should consist of twenty teams, fifteen of them are permanent, and five each year have the opportunity to qualify for participation, depending on the results achieved last season.

1. The Super League Main Squad


Twelve teams were officially announced as the founders of the tournament – six teams from England, three teams from Italy, and three from Spain. And three clubs in the nearest future must make a decision whether they truly desire to join the squad. The official announcement took place on April 20, 2024. Today, the composition looks like this:

  • Arsenal;
  • Liverpool;
  • Manchester City;
  • Manchester United;
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Chelsea;
  • Internationale;
  • Milan;
  • Juventus;
  • Atlético Madrid;
  • Barcelona;
  • Real Madrid.

The participating teams will be divided into two groups: the three best teams in performance will advance to the playoffs, and the fourth and fifth-placed clubs in their group will have the opportunity to participate in play-offs to determine the last two participants in the next round. The winners of the quarterfinals and semi-finals will be determined by the results of two games, and the final stage will consist of one game in neutral territory.

The leadership of the Super League is also known: Florentino Perez was appointed chairman, Andrea Agnelli, Joel Glazer, John William Henry, Stan Kroenke were appointed vice-chairmen.

2. Financing and Sponsorship


The main motivation for the teams, which prompted such a radical step, is the sponsorship “injections” of capital from JPMorgan bank. According to the latest news, the main sponsor promised that each founder of the new tournament would immediately receive an impressive amount, which is 3.5 billion euros. For such an impressive fee, each team will be able to solve all their financial problems that have arisen against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and the possible consequences after the decision to join the Super League.

The total revenue from participation in the new tournament is projected to exceed €10 billion, with an additional €3.5 billion from the sale of broadcast rights. And already some TV companies have volunteered to pay for the broadcast.

3. Anticipated Consequences


All teams that have expressed a desire to be at the heart of the Super League cherish the hope that games will continue in the national championships, but all leagues have sharply criticized the “traitors” and threaten to be expelled from the Premier League, Serie A. This, of course, can only be on an emotional level… After all, without exception, all leagues directly depend on the teams that entered the Super League. The financial issue is the most important here — if these teams are expelled, the leagues may suffer serious financial losses. Therefore, most likely the parties will seek compromise solutions.

No one doubted that the leadership of FIFA and UEFA would take the news of the creation of the Super League harshly enough. After all, this is directed primarily against their “creations” — European cups, national tournaments, World Cup and Euro. The football associations of England, Italy, Spain, as well as large fan associations, also expressed their disapproval. But the Super League leadership offered close cooperation. But for some reason, this beautiful gesture went unnoticed, most likely because of seething emotions.


What kind of football will be after these changes remains unknown, but it is certain that it will not be the same. There are many negotiations and compromise decisions ahead. Many believe that the emergence of a new tournament will destroy football. But, if you break down the nuances, you can come to a different version. If the Super League is launched, the clubs of the “middle peasants” will try to get into the elite division. The updated format may add competition.

It’s just that everyone is afraid of drastic changes; they are used to living stable, according to the rules established over the years. And when they are so boldly trying to break the established rhythm, and even when it comes to finances, it is always hard to lose some of your profits. To tell the truth, today FIFA and UEFA are monopolists, and of course, the “riot on the ship” did not suit their taste. And, facing up to reality, European football has long been demanding further development, and not standing still. Therefore, the creation of a new Super League format is, in general, a great idea.