The football feast has begun, and people across the globe are enjoying some great matches, like the USA against Wales, but we are yet to see the best. It is a WC where everything is possible, and at least one player on every WC surprises everyone with his performance, like James Rodrigez in 2014 when he won the Golden Boot. But we will today focus on those players with the highest odds to win this individual trophy, and where better to start than with Messi?

1. Messi


There are only a few things Messi hasn’t still won in his career with the national team or club, but probably the most important trophy, the one you get as a winner of the World Cup, is still missing. Even though Messi has already previously won the Golden Ball as the best player for his performance in Brazil in 2014, he is yet to win the Golden Boot and WC trophy. That is why this tournament is so special for him and the entire Argentina squad, as it is Messi’s last one, meaning that he will surely be at his best, which is why his chances are pretty high to win the golden boot this year.

Even the bookmakers rank him high, as the entire planet expects him to perform, and we all know that the ods never lie. Another thing that goes to Argentina and Messi’s favor is the group and the bracket, as they have a relatively easy road ’till the semifinals, and the first game against Saudi Arabia should just be a warming-up game for what’s coming.

2. Harry Kane


According to the world’s famous bookmakers, the person who has the highest chance of winning the prestigious trophy World Cup Golden boot this year is England striker Harry Kane. If we look at all the factors, we will see that these are not just unfounded predictions, and we can conclude that they can easily become a reality. It is expected that England’s national team is going to get far in the competition, and the farthest they go, the more chances for Kane to score more goals.

Thanks to his performance at the last World Cup six years ago, he is defending the title, and since he is providing great parties in Premier League, where he plays for Tottenham, he has real chances of defending it. Although Kane is not scoring for the national team in the last six games, since he only scored one goal, there is no doubt that he will try his best in this important competition.

3. Kylian Mbappé


There is no doubt that French striker Kylian Mbappé is one of the best footballers in the world, but can he win World Cup Gold Boot? Well, if we check the statistics, we will see that he scores a goal per game on average, which is a great result. His main “concurrent” in the national team, Karim Benzema, is unfortunately out of the race for the main prize this year because of an injury, which leaves enough space for Mbappé to bring this trophy to France. Of course, just like England, France has solid chances of getting to the very end of the tournament, so Kylian has enough chances to score.

Above all, he has a lot to prove, and with Benzema out of the team for the tournament, this leaves more room for his domination, as we can expect that every attack from the French side goes through him. Of course, the French squad has some great players, meaning there are a lot of players who can give him the ball and, with the ball and with his speed, if Kylian Mbappe sets his shooting parameters right, we can expect big things from him this tournament.

4. Neymar


Many people will agree that Brazil is playing probably the most beautiful football in the world, and thanks to that, many expect that this World Cup will be special for them and that they can even go to the finals.

One thing is certain, this tournament is always unique, and we can expect everything to happen, so if Brazil wins, it will not be a surprise. If that happens, the most certain scenario is that Neymar will score the most goals and bring another trophy – Golden Boot home. Even if Brazil does not win, Neymar still has a pretty high chance, thanks to his goal-scoring skills, so he surely is one of the favorites.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo


There is one thing no one can argue against when talking about Ronaldo, and that is his passion and dedication to the game. Yes, his second spell at Man Utd hasn’t gone as he nor the fans would prefer, and with everything going on lately, the chances are high he will leave United during the next transfer window, but he always represents the danger when he plays for Portugal.

This tournament is no different, as the Portugal side has much to prove, and with the squad they have, they can easily be a surprise of the tournament. On the other hand, many are concerned about his form, as they believe that due to his lack of playing time, he will need time to get to desired fitness condition, but we all know how dedicated Cristiano is and how much he trains. All in all, this could just mean that he has much to prove and that he is not exhausted, meaning that we expect him to lead this Portugal side to new greatness.

Final thoughts

The World Cup really is one of a kind tournament as people from each side of the globe watch it and cheer on their national teams to get as far as they can. It is a month full of hope and joy, but it is also perfect for people with strong intuition since they can make a prediction and try to win money if it is strong enough. There are many different games to bet on, and we hope our article helps you decide which player is the best to bet on. Of course, you will need a reliable website to place a bet, and if you are looking for the most trustworthy one with a vast offer of different games, visit Bet365.