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Watching television has become one of our regular leisure activities and we can hardly imagine our daily routine without it. The living room has always been observed as the best place in the house where the TV should be placed. But people are hedonists – they love doing everything with ease and pleasure. They ask themselves:”Why couldn’t I watch my favorite TV shows from my comfortable bed?”, or: “Why would I get out of bed in the morning to watch the morning news’’?

So, they decided to find another convenient place for the TV and started placing it in the bedroom. Today, it’s almost a must-have part of its interior. So many ideas related to finding the perfect corner for this item – but we’re going to represent the most practical ones and assist you with finding the best way to position it.


Let’s start with a quite significant point – you should be aware of the fact that watching the television in these two rooms isn’t quite the same thing. In the living room or a salon, there‘ll usually be a few more people than in the one you regularly sleep in. That’s the reason why this device should be a bit bigger in the living room, while the smaller ones will probably better fit in your cosy night kingdom.


Its position is also one of the most highlighted criteria that should be considered, It’s mostly recommendable to position it lower, but not below the eye level of the person who sits, for example. While organizing your bedroom, firstly you should choose the design of the interior and then think of possible installation places. So here we are, suggesting you a few practical and handy ways to do it properly.

On a shelf across the bed

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This is the first method that has been used, because of the dimensions of the device and has remained the most frequently used one to this day. The only condition is that the shelf shouldn’t be too low, in order to be visible from both a lying and sitting position.

In modern times, there are lots of compelling and creative ideas that show how to make TV look good and be useful at the same time. Depending on how big the TV is, you can place it on a narrow or wide shelf. Also, you remember those moveable shelves… Why not give them a chance?

The way which seems rather fascinating nowadays is putting the device on the built-in-looking, wooden shelf, surrounded by other, smaller ones. Contemporary household interior examples match perfectly with this idea, so why would yours be an exception?.

Hanging on the wall

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Another popular way for the last few years is definitely those models that are placed right on the wall, hanging. Not only popular but also very practical, as it doesn’t use additional space in there. There’s no fear of pushing it and breaking it – but it takes some other risks, for example, falling if not fixed properly.

You should know how to hang it the right way. It isn’t really recommendable to believe in quality supports only or trying to install it by yourself. Instead of that, you better seek the help of professionals – companies like TvAerialInstaller which provide that type of service and much more. You don’t need to think about anything, just surrender to the hands of an expert.

Wall TVs can be integrated into space by using many creative methods. They can be kind of ‘camouflaged’, which is usually the preference of those who don’t really prefer that ‘cinema’ feeling and spend time surrounded by screens. Also, it can be put in the middle of multiple shelves with framed family pictures, books, types of vinyl or CDs.

Another wall idea

If you have a lot of space in your bedroom, you may build or implement another shorter wall dividing the space into two smaller parts. This would be a nice place to put your TV and watch it directly from your bed. Of course, this is practicable only in cases when this type of work doesn’t affect the overall look and function of the room.

Also, speaking about the walls, there are small rotating decorative ones that serve as a bookshelf at the same time – its multiple purposes will amaze you and make you wish you implemented it much earlier. Apart from being an ideal place for your device, those walls are very unique and beautiful and are observed as the part that makes the atmosphere pleasant and cozy.

Right below the ceiling

People have different needs, so, as we said, there are those who don’t like a low TV position. In that case, they usually put it right below the ceiling. To be completely honest with you, it isn’t really quite a favorite and advisable option, but it’s still a possible solution.

The ruler of unusual creations is a kind of cabinet with the TV that comes down from the ceiling. You might have seen it in campers or movies. It saves much space, as when you’re watching it, you keep it down – but when you decide to stop, you’ll be able to move the device back to its box on the ceiling.

It’s a very modern way to set the TV in the mentioned part of the house but it’s also expensive and not anyone can afford it. Anyway, it’s always permissible to fantasize about it!

In the corner

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Sometimes our space is tiny and we don’t always have a whole free wall without photos, clocks, etc. When you’re unable to make it work with the walls, you can pick a corner of the bedroom and place the device where – it may be laid on a small corner shelf, or just mount it by hooking it to both sides of the wall.

For this kind of mounting, you need a special carrier that has an extension on it. Its role is to move the TV away from the wall so that it can be put back in the corner and turned properly in order to be visible from the bed. Again – it isn’t smart to fix it by yourself, so our advice from above should be followed – and, if you decide that this is the perfect position for you, be careful not to scratch or damage the wall.


The ideal bedroom atmosphere and maximum comfort while watching your favorite movies at bedtime is everybody’s dream. With this text, we tried to help the ones who already moved in, and the ones who are moving in soon. Or to the people who are maybe simply looking forward to refreshing the bedroom space. Be careful and ask professionals for help if you are not able to do the technical things alone.

When you want to relax on the weekends, apart from soft pillows, you’ll need your favorite tv show on your perfect positioned TV device. If you consider yourself a hedonist like this, you should start thinking about your new furniture layout and make it work – starting from today!